Goodbye Dr Jin?

I’m not saying goodbye because i’ve finished watching it*on tv* but because im lost. Since i became i lost i’m sorta saying “bye, hope you come back”,lol Not sure what episode I am in but so far the persecution of the Catholics have started and the counselor has the  agreement the great prince and the priest made to prevent war. Ok so in this episode dr jin realized something about parallel universes and i got lost, i just looked away for a moment and dr jin was gone,lol Though I kinda enjoy watching dr jin*not sure why* i had thought he had actually gone back in time, keep in mind i started watching this like in ep 4?5? im not sure, but now it turns out hes in a parallel universe where if his other self(?) dies he dies so he somehow comes to the conclusion that he was sent there in order to save mina? i’m not sure what’s her name. So i’m going to keep watching because the grand prince has gone crazy with greed for power and dr jin has finally realized it and i really want to know how it’s gonna end, but for those that have watched dr jin already can you pretty please explain to me the whole parallel universe thing. I really wanna understand what i’m watching or is it explained by the end of the drama and im supposed to be confused till then?

Pretty please someone tell me!


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