Have you ever thought they looked alike pt 3

Watching Horse Doctor on tv made me discover another confusion on mines where I confused another pair of actresses which made think of others one I have apart from the one I already mentioned in past posts so guess what part 3 of have you ever thought they looked alike is here!

1) Shin Se-kyung and Kim So Eun

Shin Se-Kyung-p3.jpg   KimSoEun

Even now i’m kinda confused on who is who because until last night I’ve been thinking they were the same girl but *im not sure* shin se-kyung appeared on running man and fashion king*right?* and then Kim So Eun appeared in horse doctor, he who cant get married and BOF. Of course now if i look closely i can tell some differences but I think it’s gonna be a while till I can truly tell em apart.

2) Yoona(GG) & Jung Rye-Won: (back in the days of 9 end 2 outs & MNIKSS)

yoona    Jung Ryeo-won

I was confused with these two girls back in the early days of my new found obsession with kdramas. I saw 9 end 2 outs first and then jumped right into MNIKSS. I was a total newbie back then and wasn’t into kpop yet so I didn’t have an idea on who yoona really was. I just knew i didn’t like her*cause of the drama* and then when I thought she came back as the ex gf in mnikss I disliked her more,lol of course once I got into kpop and started seeing more and more dramas I was able to tell they were different actresses.

3)Han Ji Min & Hwang Jung Eum

han ji min  hwang jung eum

Another pair I confused was Han Ji Min and Hwang Jung Eum I even think i mentioned in one of my post about seeing HJM on golden time but later found out it was HJE. But they look alike right? it’s just not me there must be one or two other persons who confused them as well…right?

4)Kim Sun Ah & Ko Hyun Jung

KSA 2 Ko Hyun Jung 2

Just like with Yoona and Jung Rye-Won I confused this two actresses on my early days of kdrama seeing. After watching MNIKSS i watched What’s up fox and really thought they were the same actress for some time. Of course after yrs of watching dramas I was able to tell the differences between them and now today they are some of my favorite actresses.

So in the end I’ve come to the conclusion that i confuse more my female actresses than actors,lol If remember some male actors or discover I’ve been confusing some of them I’ll let you guys know, but haven’t you guys confused some of em before?


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