Running Man ep 144 Review

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This had to be one of the funniest episode yet of running man, by the end of this episode my cheeks hurt so much from smiling and laughing. Wow just realized my last running man episode review was 11 episodes ago,lol Anyways this was a great episode the only down size, if you could call it that, was the way the basketball player acted. I think maybe 20 minutes into the episode you could see how annoyed he was with Haha and over and over again I would say to myself he looks like he regrets coming to running man.  I think this is the first I have seen a guest so reluctant to do the games he was basically acting like a kid who didn’t want to eat his vegetables. Ok maybe not to the extent of doing a tantrum but I would swear he was close to it,lol It didn’t interfere with the episode especially since it seemed haha made it his hw to annoy the heck out of him even I was getting a bit annoyed myself,lol I loved Cha Inpyo(?) and I couldn’t believe he is older than Jae Suk! The way he easily fit it with his jokes and the way he tried to mc over jae suk when they were alone it was just funny. Overall this was a good episode I enjoyed the dakji part and in a way cha inpyo reminded me of kwang soo he acted all cool and everything but in the end he kept messing up especially during the dakji game. There were a few spartace moments which I loved and I hope for the next episode there will be more or about the same.

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