Dramas I’ve Watched

So I decided to make a list of the dramas i’ve watched to try and keep track of them,lol The one’s marked with a * are the one’s I stopped  watching, couldn’t finish watching them, or don’t remember how they finished XD


-49 days
-9 end 2 outs
-90 Days, falling in love days*
-A Gentleman’s Dignity

-A Hundred Year’s Inheritance
-A thousand Kisses*
-Arang and the Magistrate
-Ballad of Suh Dong*
-Best love/The Greatest Love
-Bride of the Century

-Boys Before Flowers
-Cheongdamdong Alice*
-Cinderellas sister
-City Hall
-Coffee house
-Coffee prince
-Couple Or Trouble
-Crime Squad

-Cunning Single Lady
-Dae Jang Geum
-Dal Ja’s Spring

-Dating Agency Cyrano*
-Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang
-Dong yi
-Dream high
-Dr. Gang
-Dr Jin

-Emergency Couple

-Empress Ki*

-Ex Girlfriend Club

-Falling for Innocence
-Fashion King*

-Fated to Love You*
-Flower Boy Next Door
-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
-Full House


-Heart to Heart

-High School- Love on

-He who cant Marry
-History of The Salaryman

– Gye baek
-I do, I do

-I hear your Voice*
-I Miss You
-I need Romance*
– I remember You

-Jang ok Jung


-Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire*

-Kill Me, Heal Me*
-King 2 Hearts
-King of dramas

-King of High School
-Last Scandal
-Lawyers of Korea
-Lie to Me
-Love Letter
-Love Marriage
-Love Rain*
-Lovers in Paris

-Mandate of heaven

-Marriage without Dating*
-Mary stayed out all night
-Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss

-Mr Baek*
-Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest
-My Fair Lady
-My Girl

-My love madam butterfly*
-My Name is Kim Sam Soon

My Spring Days*
-My princess
-Myung Wol Spy
-Nice Guy*

-Oh My Ghost!*
-Oh! My Lady

-Oh! My Venus!
-Personal Preference
-Please Marry Me*

-Pretty Man*
-Powerful Opponents (Kangjeok)
-Que Sera Sera
-Queen Seon Duk
-Really Really Like You

– Reply 1988

– Reply 1994
-Reply 1997
-Romance Zero
-rooftop prince
-Royal Family
-Scent of a woman
-Secret Garden
-Smile Again
-Shining Inheritance
-Snow White
-Stars Falling From the Sky
-Summer Scent
-Sungkyunkwan Scandal
-Sweet 18
-Sweet Spy
-Take Care of the Young Lady
-Take Care of Us,Captain
-Thank you
-That fool
-The Birth of the Rich
-The Marriage Plot/Wedding Scheme

-The Master’s Sun
-The moon that embraces the sun
-The Painter in the Wind*

– The Prime Minister and I
-The princess man

– The Virtual Bride*
-The sons of sol pharmacy house/My too Perfect Sons

-The Queen’s Classroom*

– The woman who still wants to marry
-Three Dads One Mom
-To the Beautiful You
-whats up fox

-When a man falls in love*
-When it’s at Night
-Who are you
-Witch yoo hee

-You’re all Surrounded
-You’re beautiful

-You who came from the stars


Japanese Dramas
-Hana yori dango
-Hana kimi(2007,remake)
-99-nen no Ai(Japanese Americans)*
-Absolute Boyfriend
-Around 40
-Atashinchi no Danshi(My Boys)
-Attention Please*
-Bara no Nai Hanaya(The Flowershop without Roses)
-Densha Otoko(Train Man)
-Himitsy no Hanazono
-Hotaru no Hikari

-Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo
-Kimi wa Petto(you’re my pet)
-Love Shuffle
-Mei-chan no Shitsuji(Mei-chan’s Butler)
-My Girl
-Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo( I think it’s called The Japanese the Japenese dont know?)
-Nodame Cantabile
-Oh! My Girl
-Oishii Proposal
-Pretty Girls
-Proposal Daisakusen
-Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Taiwanese Dramas
-Devil Beside You
-Fated to Love You
-It Started with A Kiss

-In Time With You

-Love Around

-Love You
-Miss no Good
-My Queen

-Smiling Pasta
-Summer X Summer*
-To Get Her
-Tokyo Juliet*
-Why Why Love

– updated:03/07/16


9 responses to “Dramas I’ve Watched

  1. Wow thats so many xD But its a shame Healer is still not on the list…yet.You have to watch it because this is the best Kdrama ive watched so far and the main leads literally stole my heart.And can you suggest dramas with lots of jealousy scene 😀

  2. The list is so long- its amazing really. But i would greatly recommend “heirs” as its one of my favorites (even though i kind of just stated)

  3. Hello! Did you enjoy Flower Boy Next Door? I’m planning to watch it after I finish City Hunter (which I’m really taking my time to watch. Have to absorb all that LMH hotness haha).Btw I’d recommend Queen In-Hyun’s Man, it’s one of my favorite kdramas! 😀

    • I only watched about 4 episodes and it’s not cause I didn’t enjoy but cause I went hiatus on kdrama and started watching jdramas instead. But what I did see I did enjoy, and for queen in hyun’s man I tried watching it but it didn’t really catch my attention but i do wanna watch it and see why a lot of people loved it,lol

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