Running Man ep 60(review)

So i watched running man episode 60 before i take my trip where i’ll be internetless =( and i watched it. Even though i  laughed here and there at the things Gary said i couldnt help but feel a little upset about it. So in episode 60 Gary finally is able to become the “corporate spy” he always wanted to be, but in the reality all the other running man members already knew that he was the spy. Gary is all happy about thinking its finally his moment to shine but the thing about Gary(which i like) is that his personality is really transparent, he makes corny jokes, hes kind,who’s not easily able to lie or trick anyone, and hes that kind of guy that at first u dont really find attractive but little by little you find urself falling in love with. So i felt kinda bad that they took advantage of this fact to do this to him and what makes it worst(for me) is that not even after the game was done he was told, nooo he gets to find out when everyone else in korea(and somewhere else) see’s it, making him even more ridiculed. Even though they kept saying saying sorry gary i felt doing this was kind of disrespectful towards gary. Putting in the end that clip of him walking that way i think it was just planned out as to not get any anti-fans or hate mail, I still cant believe people really took it lightly of  making fun of someone in that way. I love this show i really do but now its create an eh in me of course i will continue watching but if they decide to do something like this as again Running Man pd expect a letter from me and i better get a reply.  Which now has me wondering if theres others that feel the same way I did, so i just did a little research and in fact many are wondering instead if he knew all along and as one netizen posted  “During the beginning of the final mission he noticed that he members were suspiciously gathering together. He said something along the lines of “I’m not that stupid you know”.” and now i feel im off track, but i do believe he kinda figured out but im not really too sure, over and over again is tricked by the other member you would have to be an incredible actor to pull that off. So i still believe he didnt know and that he was asked to do that reference to get netizen’s more focused on that, than the actual fact that by doing all this they were disrespecting him, hes so innocent that he even told a a baby he saw in the elevator  “it’s ok everything will be alright.u don’t know this world very well yet…”  as in soothing the child, in the end hes gonna need the soothing. Overall i liked the episode i just had that nagging feeling when they kept laughing at him behind his back all of sudden i wasnt laughing anymore, but i liked the wrestling part where gary kept hugging ji hyo ^_^

YAY found the hugging pic ^__^


10 responses to “Running Man ep 60(review)

  1. my heart ws pierced agn n agn in this episode… i hated everyone around him… but i know that u r the man(gary) most of the girls would trust n leave any ego.

  2. I don’t get it.
    Why did they put him walking at the end?
    And why did they put the “BUT” “MAYBE?”??

    • Gary set up the whole mission. He knew that the member knew that he’s the spy. the end is from the movie The Usual Suspect

    • The way Gary is walking at the end of this episode is a reference to the film The Usual Suspects (you can check it on YouTube). It’s implying that Gary knew that everyone else knew he was a spy. The RM staff left it deliberately open for viewers to interpret for themselves.

    • although it was funny i couldn’t help but feel bad for him and i wished someone that interviews him would ask him about that episode but if it turns out he was tricked then hes gonna feel bad

    • in my opinion i think he was just happy that he finally got to be the spy and that he “tricked” everyone, but if he actually knew that they knew then omg i’ll love gary even more and write a second review,lol

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