Nice Guy ep 1 Quick Thoughts

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*

So I finally started Nice Guy and I’m watching it without really knowing the plot but I’m assuming is of a nice guy gone bad,lol either way I’m going to be writing my quick thoughts as I’m watching it…

– One thing i have learned today is that never eat and watch a drama especially if it’s gonna have a lot of hospital scenes.

– What kind of guy leaves behind his super sick sister for a girl that he likes? Even from now I know he’s not a nice guy, because a nice guy wouldn’t leave his sister that way. Plus that girl, doesn’t she have like other people she can call, he just told you that his sister is sick but no she completely ignores that part.

– Is the girl with the dead guy Moon Chae won? no its park si yeon,lol sorry

– Dude! Like seriously why is he touching everything? Isn’t he supposed to be smart or something? Wouldn’t it cross his mind for one moment to call the cops? the ambulance? Quick question for those who have seen it, am i gonna get mad often?

– I hate these viki commercials…

– oh she’s good, poor maru doesn’t even know he’s being used. I bet you he’s thinking “its all in the name of love” and she’s not even kissing him back.

– now that moon chae won came out i think i’ll be able to tell the difference,lol do we get to see a scene of them together?

– omg the way she’s driving! i would have died from a heart attack or something I even get scared when it’s my dad driving.

ima stop watching and commenting now, too much of a hassle to come back and forth,lol I’ll watch it and do a quick review of it

Ok gotta say it’s just the first episode and I’m already hooked!! omg it was just awesome at least this episode,lol I’m guessing the title ‘Nice Guy’ is some kind of play of words. Since he’s obviously not a nice guy and neither is the two female leads? So far I think Moon Chae Won is doing an awesome job I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to hate her character or not as well as Park Shi Yeon’s character. I’m even thinking there’s going be a love triangle in the future and for sure I can tell already that PSY is gonna want Ma Ru for herself even after everything she has done to him. Her character is the kind of woman who wants money and power but also someone to pay her attention/affection without thinking if it makes other people miserable and still think somehow that she’s the victim if she doesn’t get both. Not sure how to explain it, but just knowing what kind of character she’s playing already tells me I’m not gonna like her in fact maybe i’ma hate her,lol Not the actress of course but the character not like other people who start hating the actress because of her character for example Song Ji Hyo after she did Goong or UEE after she did You’re Beautiful. Overall the episode was very good at least for the first episode of a drama it did good, so my expectation of this drama has become high so hopefully it doesn’t start disappointing somewhere half way into the drama.


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