The Master’s Sun Ep 5:Thoughts

You know I’ve never stopped to think why he’s called the master, I understand why she’s the sun but why is he master? cause he’s a CEO? It’s not like he owns people I would think that only someone who owns people or things would be called that or maybe it’s just me,lol

– Ugh right from the start to freaking adorable! just hug her all night man!
– Awww he liked holding her hand! >< and hugging her! of course he’s claiming that he’s giving the hand holdings and hugs for cheap and acting all mighty but in the end he’s still thinking about that hug and everything.
– Omgeee I want that teddy bear!!! it’s sooo cute!!!!! ><

Master's Sun Episode 5

– Two things to say about this scene… 1) what the fruit?! 2) that old lady is freeeeaky!! and she looks familiar kinda like the evil woman from Arang and the Magistrate.
– Is the old witch? or whatever she is trying to marry off the ghost?? what the heck?
– Why do I keep getting the feeling the kids are actually gonna be ghost?
– omg i can’t believe I fell for it! I actually though she did tell kang woo she saw ghosts,lol I should have known it was weird when he fainted,lol
– Oooohh someone’s jealous “the sun is so bright it’s giving me a fever” why is he getting a fever? cause he’s mad and what does being mad make you feel? it makes you feel hot! therefore because he saw her all smiley and stuff”the sun is so bright” with another guy it gave him a fever,lol oh god I’ve totally gone crazy! XD
– Omgee a ghost matchmaker???? if I die lonely because I never get to marry my bias make sure you guys call her up ok!

Master's Sun Episode 5
– That lady is weird and scary! please someone take her away. This was a perfectly good drama without her! we don’t need her plot so take her away! please?! she just freaks me out, sorry if i’m being mean but idk she freaks me out,lol
– Even if she does get “married” to the ghost, it’s still a ghost,lol but aww the way he’s worried. Now go and “stop” the marriage!
– Can I say how much I love this drama? It has a bit of a jdrama feel with all the wackiness it has, especially when it comes to little sun. She wants to be all that and stuff but in reality she’s a bit of a fool. I was thinking of another word but I can’t remember it right now, it’s like at the tip of my tongue but i can’t remember…ugh!
-“I think he’s waiting for the milkman” omgeee el lechero!!*laughing and laughing* I’m sorry but this is soo funny I wonder what my latino kdrama addicts have to say about this,lol
– omgee so those were green roses?? but they totally look white! are they like pale green? or am I color blind or something???
-She’s imagining the fight isn’t she?,lol
– wait isn’t the little one from the two brothers the kid from Good Doctor? when the male lead was young? or is it just my imagination?
– I thought he was gonna make a fuss over the fact that she didn’t notice he touched her shoulder,lol

Master's Sun Episode 5

Omg I think I just heard this heart break? omgeee well…of to ep 6 of course after posting the screen caps on tumblr it will be a while till i get the gifs,lol


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