Running Man ep 72 hong kong pt 1 review

So im currently watching ep 72 of running man and im laughing already, i cant believe they did posters for the vj and maknae fd(?) i was laughing so much. I think ima enjoy this episode and i hope they come to the US one day too. OMG! did u guys hear jong kooks English! it didnt sound that bad like fluent sounding,get me?,how cool! its like maybe he secretly knows english and when hes talking he kinda peeks at the camera, idk maybe its just me or did anyone else notice? As theyre going up in the trolley and in the ferry i cant help but agree that the hong Kong night view is indeed very pretty, ima add it to my list of places to visit before i die,lol As im watching this part where they are singing songs from movies makes me wanna watch the episode when theyre singing songs from different countries…huh…gonna  have to look up which episode it is, cant remember but if its a year ago, then episode…30? ji hyo seems to be very comfortable with sparta kook when theyre singing she stands really close to him, i kinda like this couple but i also love monday couple. I just love but love how kwang soo dances,jaja

So i just finished watching the hong kong special of running man and ive gotta say it was pretty good, though recently i feel running man is loosing their touch since i dont find myself laughing as much as before, but i still enjoyed it, i’m looking forward to next the episode. Here’s my favorite parts of the episode.

(in this part hes the one that got close to her, still a monday couple fan, but if they dated i would be ok with that too)

(see shes standing close to him)

(when theyre singing in the taxi,lol)

(when theyre dancing along to the song)


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