Gye Baek ep 21-22 review

As I keep on seeing Gye Baek, im becoming more and more upset with the king, at the same time im having a difficult time understanding whats going on. He keeps telling Ui Ja that Gye Baek has other intentions, that he should be careful. Im upset over this because hes one of the things causing a resentment towards gye baek, because the other obvious thing is that he likes Eun Go but she likes Gye Baek. Why do that? There are things that you can forgive, not forget but forgive but obviously this king is kinda paranoid or cant let things go. Causing a rift between their friendship because now Ui Ja is becoming jealous and paranoid, of course you can see that’s hes trying to fight it but as time is passing you can see thats hes also becoming more mistrustful of gye baek.

So im seeing ep 22 now and im kinda starting to see the dark part of Eun Go when she tell him she wants to see him become a hero of the country that she wants to be next to him for that and she rather prefer to stay than leave with him. I think this is where shes starting to go bad. She also secretly holds a meeting with the other nobles to help gye baek, of course without knowing her uncle accepted bribes, and makes promises but im thinking does she have the enough power to do that? The girl gye baek keeps talking to i keep getting the feeling she’s gonna be his future wife, i know what ur thinking what? ur crazy! but this has been seen before in dong yi she married the king who was wayyy older than her, but of course i could be wrong. But its just a feeling im getting cause then why give her a role close to gye baek there has to be something thats gonna happen. and OMG whats with the crown princess if  Ui Ja is jealous of gye baek its nothing compared to how she feels against Eun Go, but its reasonable she married a man she didnt love, was forced to endure living as a monk for him, had to let go of her newborn for a while and then now she doesnt even get a minute of his attention. When she goes to look for him hes gone and when she does find him hes with Eun Go! No wonder she having some issues and i blame Ui Ja he should at least pay her some attention since she is the mother of his child, who by the way he doesnt even go see either. Jealousy can be something very scary and especially coming from a woman so Ui Ja and Eun Go should watch out. Im still seeing ep 22 but ima stop here or ima be narrating the whole episode,jaja


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