Gye Baek ep 23 quick review

OMG at the end of episode 23 i was like screaming in my head, OMG OMG hes not gonna do that, he just cant! Ui Ja your are so freaking evil. He planned it at all!, i kinda saw it happening but didnt really understand what was happening but OMG, thats all i can say. He acted in front of Gye baek like wanted to help Eun Go but it was all a plan to force Eun Go to marry him so she could be his. I know im repeating this but OMG this plan was pure evil, hes more scarier than queen sa taek. But i feel so bad for Gye Baek when he was crying lost the woman he loves to someone he respects as an older brother it must be really heartbreaking, of course eun go is suffering too she almost gets freaking raped by Ui Ja and sooner or later she’ll have to sleep with him, so sad so sad. Well this is my quick review just finished watching that episode and i was dying to give my opinion. I’ve also realized that either i only write on running man or gye baek so guess what ima try to start another drama and do reviews on that one, if i like it enough of course, any requests?,lol

heres some screen shots or whatever u wanna call it to what im doing,lol


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