We got Married season 1 couples

I added to the title season 1 instead of old because ive seen people are confused? I read an article indicating that old and new couple were gonna be the mc for some award show i think, im not sure what its about. The couples chosen where the adam couple and khuntoria and the teukso and woojung couple. But when i read old couples i imagined this…

was i the only one who thought of this couple when thinking old? Of course the first couple that came to mind was the alshin couple but =( as we all know shin ae got married to someone else. Now that i think about none of those couples could of gone, hwanhee is in the army, jun jin and lee si young cant well cause they were the first couple to get together but they broke up and son dam bi and marco cant cause marco got married…?right? but maybe lettuce couple, solbi couple, uee and jae jung,lol but i guess to bring up the rating they brought out khuntoria and adam although they are old couple i wouldnt really considered them as old since they stopped this year. Idk what do you guys think?


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