Running Man ep 70 review

So i watched ep 70 yesterday and… i gotta say its not one of my favorite episodes why? well I know Son ye jin was supposed to be the spy but i did not like the fact that she got a lot of air time or camera time. Like Hello! there were 3 guests! but mostly it was all about her. Dont get me wrong I like her too, I loved her in The Classic and Summer Scent but what about lee min ki and park chul min they werent really there it was like this episode only focused on her. But oh well whats done is done.When they were doing the bungee jump mission i kinda wanted to see gary and ji hyo try to jump together that would of been really cute,lol and i was totally shocked when kwangsoo actually jumped i really thought he wasnt going to do it, he really surprised me which makes me love hin even more. Though i felt most of the time was focused on Ye Jin it did have its funny moments too, when joong kook betrayed ji hyo and he promised her that he would take her family name if he did and at the end she does call him out on it,lol When he said that I even tried saying it out loud to hear how it would sound,jaja Of course when he pushed her on the train to gary and he caught her I was like omg. Though it did have its funny and cute monday couple moments I didnt really laugh as much as with other episodes and didnt really like that much that the focus was on her. But of course all this is my own personal opinion on it but i hope other episodes are better. So i did some screen caps or my version of them for my favorite moments of this episode.


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