Where in the wold has mysoju gone to? *updated…again*

Omg did guys notice mysoju is gone!!!! i can’t find it!! =( did they change their name? I was gonna try watching Yi San there but it’s gone and Viki doesn’t have it available for my region I guess ima try dramacrazy,dramafans, or kimchidrama, any more places i can try looking for it?

Ok mysoju fan’s don’t panic “breath in,breath out”, i’m not sure what happened but they have a new url its basically the same but you add a s- in from of the mysoju but just just in case here’s the link:   http://www.s-mysoju.com/

ok im not sure what’s going on but the new link i found is not working, if i find a new link i’ll let you guys know.

Well a fellow blogger let me know that dramafever seems to be suing mysoju for illegally subbing and posting videos*or something like that* which sucks by the way every time i need info on a drama my mind instantly thinks mysoju and now what =(   *pounding(?) my fist in the air and yelling curse you dramafever*

Well the future doesnt seem so bright if mysoju and kimchidrama were brought down, then whats gonna happen to dramafans,dramacrazy? maybe i shouldnt even post their names ><‘ ahhh! Well let’s just see what happens…maybe i can get into…latino novelas again??? -__-


4 responses to “Where in the wold has mysoju gone to? *updated…again*

    • really? I think it was yesterday that I tried going to it but it didn’t let me so I just thought maybe it was my internet connection or something. Well it sucks that more and more sites like these are getting brought down soon we wont have nowhere to watch our dramas =(

    • yup whenever i need info on a new drama or want to watch/rewatch a drama mysoju is my first thought because ive been using it since i first started watching dramas back in 07 and I heard kimchidrama is back as mykimchidrama.

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