Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Rant

Do you know how upset this scene just made me? fyi mini rant ahead:
First all of dude watch your freaking tone, secondly you are not her bf or her husband, and even if you were you are not allowed to talk to someone like that. Thirdly you should be acting the role of bf with your gf that’s wavering instead of your so-called childhood friend. Fourthly(is that even a thing?) did you just really say and I freaking quote “Do you know how difficult it was for me to decide to let you stay as his house?” excuse me? but are you her mother? her father? that she needs your permission to stay at someones house? a full-grown woman needs your permission?! Excusez-moi??  I’m sorry sweetie but things don’t work that way unless you’re the official bf and even then only your opinion would kinda count. You don’t get to act like a boyfriend to someone if you already have your own gf and instead of trying to control other women why don’t you go and do something about your wavering girlfriend. Dude even has the gal to dismiss her and let her know he’ll be the one to take her after  “scolding” her what the heck! no dude. I’m totally off the 2nd male lead syndrome. This guy has more like annoying knight in shining armor syndrome that feels every woman should be saved because apparently we are weak and can’t handle things on our own. Either way I’ve been rooting for the male lead since the beginning, hopefully bong soon tells him off soon or I’ll be really disappointed.
p.s I was just gonna make a quick rant about it but I got so upset I had to screen cap his ridiculous outburst don’t have time to gif it,lol

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