My Shy Boss Rant

I’m officially dropping My shy Boss…
I feel it has the potential but I just cant get past the female lead so far she’s pushed her way into his office, went through his stuff, even drank his stuff without permission,  and I’m pretty sure she released those rumors about the secretary to the media, mistaken him as a courier and made him do her job. She even went as far as following the guy into the restroom when he clearly was trying to get away from her. And then there’s the so-called back stabbing prick of a best friend, cause he tells one thing to him and another thing to the other people. He makes himself seem so charming, smart, and nice but he’s just basically a leecher who has advance in life only because this poor guy is too closed up to know what’s going on. And the father of the guy…OMGS! someone give him worst dad of the year award cause really?? You force him to play tennis with you which was basically just another version of a bunch of jocks throwing some kickballs to the geeks and fat kids. And then FORCE him to sit in a sweat room in the middle of two men and then get scrubbed by a total stranger. Instead of trying to “FIX” him this is just gonna make his condition even worst and then the poor baby is bruised up from the hits from the tennis ball.
Ugh this drama just wants to do too much at the same time, I get the unsupported parents because I know there are people out there who are so close minded that they think that mental illnesses are fake. Or something that’s not to take seriously and that it can be fixed with sheer willpower alone. But to top that off with a backstabbing friend that takes advantage of that illness and then add a no boundary revengeful no plan no nothing girl on top…that’s pushing it a bit. And obviously they’re gonna go for the love interest that get’s him out of his shell b***s***. She’s gonna forget her so-called revenge and he’s gonna somehow be able to publicly speak and take over the company cause in dramaland that’s possible. Maybe all this is possible if this drama had the right writers cause in my opinion these current ones have no idea what to do with this drama and characters. Truthfully I do wanna keep watching it because I wanna know if they’ll go the kdrama way or a more realistic approach towards his anxiety problems, but maybe once it’s all done i’ll skim my way throughout the whole drama just to feed my curiosity. What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

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