Scarlet Heart Ryeo ep 11

Watching episode 11 reminded me of the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’, throughout this drama so far the 8th prince has been all talk and no action. On several occasions it’s been the 4th prince who acts over and over again. He defends Hae Soo against his sister and with the help of his brothers he kidnaps her in order to save her from an arranged married. He goes as far as telling her that he’ll continue running away with her even after learning the intended marriage is with his father the king. While the 8th kept telling her it will be alright that he’ll come up with something he never really did. He presented himself to hae soo as a savior right from the start, told her what she wanted and needed to hear with no plans on acting on it. When the time came for him to step up to the plate and keep that promise of love, marriage, and happiness he faltered. Others can say he did what he did to protect his family, but to me it just showed what I knew all along. When confronted with his sister she said his inner most thoughts’ yes he wants the throne, yes he feels that it belongs to him’. But he can’t say that out loud, because all this time he has been playing the character of the good brother, the doting husband, the savior, and the good guy. So what does he do? He kills the maid,without even hesitating, and tells his sister that she’s indebted to him and to do whatever she must to make him king. Wiping his hands of any further blood because he’s just going to be doing whatever his sisters says, because after all this is happening to protect himself and his family. From the start his role of the perfect guy always bothered me, he just seemed too perfect and now finally we’re gonna see his true face. Even to the end he didn’t really do anything either in fact he made an innocent go and speak up for Hae Soo in an attempt to make it seem that he is still there for her but it’s just a little to late. He kills yet another innocent person and make matters worst for Hae Soo when he physically turns away from her. All those promises he made to her stay as that, just empty promises while the 4th prince comes once again and physically comes and stands next to her and provides her with support and shelter. Again putting his life on the line by protesting along her, just hours after being poisoned and once again going against the king. He warned him not to talk for her and yet here he is standing next to her in solidarity.

All this, is what’s really is gonna push the 8th prince in total to the ‘dark side’, hae soo’s rejection to him is gonna hurt. Because most likely he is still gonna try to go to her and explain why he did what he did. But I’m sure she’s gonna reject him hurt by his betrayal and lean on the 4th prince for support. Hurt by rejection, pushed by his family and seeing her with wang so is gonna bring out his true self. Right from the start I felt he was the type of guy(or annoying second male lead) who blames everyone but themselves for what is happening. Even before he was starting to feel upset towards the 4th prince annoyed that the king is favoring him, and annoyed when hae soo even after being arrested asks for the 4th prince. But acting as the supposedly good guy he is he didn’t show much of a reaction just hesitation when speaking.

I’m really looking forward to ep 12, I really wanna see the 8th prince’s true colors. I wanna see what Hae Soo’s thoughts are gonna be toward the 8th prince’s betrayal. But especially how her visions will be affected, this episode was obviously the highlight of this drama so far and I’m really looking forward to see how it’s gonna end.


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