Reply 1988 Final Thoughts *will contain spoilers*

It’s been a good while since I have written one of these but i feel this drama deserves this.


  • The very thing that I loved the most of this drama was how it centered around each family. It wasn’t just about who was the husband but the struggles and ups and downs of each family. The relationships within the families and with the other families.
  • The bubbling romances of the parents was too cute too. They fought and argued but when something happened to their spouses and they acted strong it was nice to see that it wasn’t so. That they truly cared but acted strong as to not worry their loved ones more. For example when duk seon’s mom was worried about having breast cancer and her husband kept telling her not to worry that it would be ok and acted like it was nothing. But in truth he cried the night earlier thinking and worrying about his poor wife and what she was gonna do and how he couldn’t think of what he would do without her. I found it to be very sweet and romantic, how he kept a tough face to not worry her even more.
  • The relationships with the kids and their mom’s.
  • I gotta say in the start i loved the way sun woo would take care of his mom and sister. He was not selfish and didn’t ask much of his mom and was a good student, I just loved how mature he was and understood the situation his mom was in. His mom obviously did an awesome job raising a son like him.
  • I also gotta admit i was a bit mad when i realized sun woo liked Bo-ra and not Duk Seon but in the end i ended up liking this ship.
  • What did frustrate me the most was how junhwa(?) never said anything about liking duk seon. How he never made a move, gosh i wanted to go into my screen and push him to do it. Even when finding out that taek did too he should have man up and talked with him. But no both decided to put friendship first and i guess in way that was honorable of them, but still he took too long and too late to do something.
  • Don’t get me wrong it’s not like i wasn’t teamtaek, cause my gosh that goofy smile he did when seeing duk seon was adorable, but I wouldn’t have been mad if she had ended up being him.
  • The last episode with the wedding was really emotional and if my mom had not been there watching this whole drama with me, I would have cried. The dad-daughter letter was really touching and it gave me the idea that if I ever get married I would do the same thing but one to each of my parents.

Overall this was the best one in my humble opinion out of the 3 dramas in this reply(answer me) series. It took me on a very emotional ride and thought me a lot of life lessons. I hope that for the next series it’s just as in-depth as this one and not just on who the husband is gonna be. My one disappointment is that we didn’t get to see duk seon’s and taek’s wedding, gosh darn it I wanted to see him in a tux,lol My rating would be 4.5/5 just because of the lack of wedding,lol and i think my mom would agree with my rating. We both loved this drama and i think for those that wanna get their mom into dramas this would be it. I tried showing her 1994 but she found the whole “oppa!oppa!” thing by the female lead very annoying,lol


p.s I just loved Bo-ra’s wedding dress! ❤


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