Random post: Itazura na Kiss/It Started with a Kiss

Right now i’m in the middle of watching(again) Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo(for the second time) and It Started with a Kiss(for the 8th time) and every time I watch it I feel I learn something new. I gain different perspectives of it and I love it, sometimes I really hate zhi zhou(?) and it pisses me off how he seems to hold no attention to how ariel lin’s character feels. And sometimes at different times i rewatch it i’m not really fond of zhi zhou’s character but at other times i’m ok with him. Now rewatching the “date” between kotoko and Irie-kun and he’s telling her he’s ok with her as a challenge it once again hits me how much i love these dramas. Because in his way he’s telling her that he’s willing to accept whatever feeling he’s starting to feel for her.
He’s a guy who’s lived all his life between just his family and studies and doesn’t really step out of that box. But here comes the female lead and forces him out of it and shows him there’s more to life than what he would of thought. At first it’s difficult for him to grasp that situation since it’s something new for him and in my opinion he’s confused as to why she would even bother to go that length. Being the reason why he makes fun of her and pushes her away because he’s afraid, because here comes this girl out of nowhere and confesses her love and starts to change the quiet lifestyle he’s used to. So he gets freaked out by it but little by little he starts to come to terms with that changes and even welcomes it at one point. Which you can basically see when in the two versions he shows up for practice after the female lead moves out of his house. All of sudden that peace and quiet he was used to feels different and he misses the noise that surrounds her.
Of course in my opinion in this remake of the Japanese one he seems to show more interest from the start than in the Taiwanese one. But then again the Taiwanese one was like double the length of this one so it had more time to go deeper into the story line. Well this is my short thought…I was gonna say something else but i can’t remember what it was, cause once in a roll i can’t stop typing,lol

p.s if you’re wondering why no mention of the Korean one Mischievous Kiss or whatever it was called it’s because I didn’t really like it. And yes I did watch it and even the youtube specials but it didn’t do anything for me, there was no special connection with it. Usually I can connect with the female lead in one way but Oh Ha Ni lacked charater and well as Baek Sung Jo(?) in fact both leads lacked chemistry even with each other imo. To me it felt like they were just acting for the sake of acting and didn’t give much to the character unlike with the japanese remake and the taiwanese one. Both leads in the dramas put something into their character especially Ariel Lin, I can’t say how many times i’ve cried rewatching that version but the korean one didn’t do anything. There was no spark no nothing, I really hope they decide to remake that drama but with actors who know what they’re doing. (in fact this just inspired another post,lol)


One response to “Random post: Itazura na Kiss/It Started with a Kiss

  1. I LOVE It Started With a Kiss. Well, the Taiwanese version anyway. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are perfect in it. It’s a good idea to watch it again, especially because I remember loving it back in the day when it was airing. I did watch the Japanese version too, I know that, but I can’t remember if I liked it or not. Something about it was quite… stiff. I missed some emotion. Anyhow, great post. Definitely an encouragement to check out some of the older gems again.

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