Maybe i’m just being delusional…

So I’m like bored and since I really don’t watch kdramas nowadays*gasp* i know…I feel the need to post/write something so here it is in all its random glory while hearing eminem in the background*which makes it more random because this is the first time that on my own free will I’m hearing this kind of music*.
*credit to the owner of the pics and gifs as put on the pictures, if you want me to write it down instead of doing it this way,generally crediting,let me know*

Reasons why I ship Spartace

1) Because in the middle of taking a group pic they are couple posing,lol

rs jakarta 3

credit as tagged

Isn’t ji hyo’s and jong kook’s position weird for a group picture? everyone else seems’ like they just randomly decided to get close for the pic.

2) Because even though they work together she still fangirls over him when he sings and dances.

3) They make great partners

4) The way he takes care of her

5) When she takes care of him

6) The unnecessary touching,lol

7) and because they’re just so freaking cute together,lol(a lot of gifs coming beware,lol)

And these are some of the reasons why I ship this couple, oh and if you have something negative to say about this couple please keep your comments to yourself. Who I ship is my personal opinion, don’t agree with it I don’t care, I ship whoever I want to ship. Wanna hate on them then do it in your own personal blog, thank you.


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