Marriage not Dating Episode 1 Thoughts

I was gonna watching episode 2 of joseon gunman but i haven’t gotten the subs for it but since i already have marriage not dating with subs already then might as well watch this one right?,lol

– That blonde guy is jerk, she’s way to pretty for him he should count his lucky stars he met a pretty girl.
– omgs poor girl i really feel sorry for her, im sure she’s a really nice girl and doesn’t deserve this crap.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 1
– See even the friend of the blonde guy thought she was after his money cause the other dude is obviously too ugly but she truly likes the dude and it seriously sucks for her. But they suck man, using the pretense that all the girls they meet want them for their money in order to play them and be disrespectful is not right.
– and what the fudge man, the blonde guy is total coward because in the end he makes the friend basically break up with the girl for him and suffer the aftermath of it. I’m guessing she goes into a revenge rampage and he accuses her of stalking and he comes in cause his grandma is gonna misunderstand the scene she saw and tells him he has to marry that girl or he loses his inheritance or something like that. And that’s how they form an alliance or somewhere similar to what i mentioned,lol

Marriage Not Dating Episode 1
– See even jinwoon doesn’t believe she likes him,lol
– at least he feels kinda sorry for her or realizes that maybe she did like his friend sincerely.
– Of course the mom of the blonde guy takes her son side, i guess that’s the curse of being a mom thinking your child can do no wrong…tsk,tsk,tsk.

I really wanna know how he gets for her to agree but I guess judging by the preview he tells her he will help her get revenge on his friend if she agrees to be his fake gf so he can keep his apt.


2 responses to “Marriage not Dating Episode 1 Thoughts

  1. Its was Gitae`s mom not grandma that misunderstood the situation….and that starts this funny drama.
    I didn’t find the blond guy ugly, just the blond didn’t fit him. His problem was that he was a mama-boy and immature for a relationship that Jangmi wanted. They just wasn’t meant to be.

    Ok, this has nothing to do with a post but while reading I just couldn’t ignore Chilbongi on the right. I loved him. But the thing that bothers me is the baby – who would wrap a baby like that? It`s a baby not a mummy.

    • really? she looks a bit old to be his mom,lol
      maybe it was the hair color i will have to look him up non blonde. But yes he’s got a serious case of mama’s boy ><
      omgs yes! i kept thinking let that baby breath!,lol

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