Fated to Love You Episode 2 Thoughts

Yay I got some time right now to watch it, so here we go!

– First of all why does she find the need to hide? after its him that’s practicing his proposal in the middle of a public garden…but whatevers,lol and why would she drink the stuff? for all she knows it’s been days or weeks since it’s been floating around.
– You know how to tell when i really like a drama?, when i go overboard with the screencapping. Might as well just show the whole episode,lol
Fated to Love You Episode 2
– But couldn’t he at least tell he was with a different woman? I’m pretty sure the female leads body is more thin that his gf.
– Now most likely there is going to be a misunderstanding that she was part of it all, or maybe not.
– oh wow a misunderstanding that gets cleared up in the same episode?  yay! hopefully it continues like this.
– I hate that lawyer guy, I knew he was up to no good he only popped out when he thought there was something in for him.
Fated to Love You Episode 2
– omgs ima be right back…i just need to take a quick trip to Korea for…something and I’ll be back.
– oh man right in the feels, i think at some point in everyone’s life there comes a time where they really want to love someone and for someone to love them just as much. And this is right on point for me right now so excuse me while i go and eat something sweet *and wash some blood off my hands,lol*
– I should really stop screen capping…this is seriously becoming a problem with this drama. is there a screen capping anonymous support group i can join?
–  In my opinion she looks really cute but hey she’s getting a spa treatment and makeover for free,lol and wait she’s too short for dresses? what? isn’t there a such thing as short dresses? or is it only a mythical thing?
– my gosh this male lead should get a role as an evil guy in comedy drama because he totally has the laugh,lol
I think this drama is gonna become one of my favorites and the whole appa thing where they could hear(???) the baby is just too funny.


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