Joseon Gunman Episode 1 Thoughts

I’m not sure why but I’ve been lagging it a bit to watch this one even though I downloaded the first 2 episodes some time ago but I guess it’s time to watch and see if I’ll continue it or not(because it’s never a good sign when you hold off on watching a drama,imo)

– Yes he’s a gunman and a sexy one too…(I have no idea who the guy is talking about,lol)
– Forget it, not a sexy gunman…at least not yet,lol
– It would have been super nice if they had died together, one shot right in between the eyes and the other one in the heart…just saying,lol
joseon gunman episode 1
– It’s so funny to see his shocked face when she slapped him, because since when does a dude slap another dude?,lol
– The female lead looks familiar but I’m not sure from where.
– wait a second! didn’t the dad just finish tying the horse and now he’s just running off like that? when did he untie the horse?
– I like this girl,lol talking shit about him to him as if he were a third person,lol and he feels insulted being compared to himself,lol

Ima admit right now from episode one…i like this drama but I skipped a lot of parts and maybe I shouldn’t because i’m guessing whatever the old people are saying is the reason in the future the male lead becomes a gunman. But it’s not pulling me in enough and I kinda feel bad towards the person who wants me to gif this drama and maybe I will because of lee jun ki but who knows. I’m still gonna give it the 4 episode trial so anything can happen.


2 responses to “Joseon Gunman Episode 1 Thoughts

    • Hi well you can try cunning single lady, the master’s sun, you who came from the stars, 9 end 2 outs(a bit old,2007 i believe) and arang and the magistrate/

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