Fated to Love You Episode 1 Thoughts

I was gonna officially start writing again tomorrow but since I decided to watch it’s ok, that’s love I feel the need to start earlier now that I’m going to attempt to watch 3 dramas. It may not seem like much to those who watch many at a time but I’ve been watching 1 at a time and even dropping those so this is a mighty big task for me,lol but this one and it’s ok, that’s love have really gotten my attention so why not take a chance right? Well let’s get this started(fyi I type as I go along, just think of this as the timed comments on viki videos, but more lengthy…sometimes).

– I didn’t  know the girl with the white dress was gonna be in this drama, after seeing her in creating destiny i can’t get her annoying character out of my head.  It was one of the reasons i dropped Emergency Couple because I found her annoying there and it seems she will have a similar character in this one too, I hope it doesn’t ruin it for me.
– omgs I can’t believe she’s actually counting his abs,lol maybe this drama will change my mind about her.
– I think ima have a lot of fun gifing this drama, less than 10 minutes and so much to gif,lol that walk after he fires the model too funny,lol
– The guy who helped her is kinda cute but I think he helped her and acted all nice just for the free coffee or else if he were a real nice guy he would have declined.
Fated to Love You(korean)
– Wait, hold up! is she really like talking to the screen/tv/whatevers? I’m not watching scrubs right?,lol anyways it’s kinda cool and she’s cute not plain.
– omgs! one of my favorite unnie’s is in this drama! she was cool in the master’s sun and i can’t wait to see what her character is gonna be like.
– They really take advantage of her, i hope he gives her money to buy the favors he need. And why didn’t the friend go pull her over after she said no the first time, obviously she needed someone to pull her away on her first try saying no.
– I know many will hate this opinion but why does this drama have so many actors/actresses I’m not particularly fond of? First the model chick, then the grandma of the guy and then the guy in the plane…I didn’t like him in panda and hedgehog and emergency man and woman. I just feel this dude doesn’t act very well or more like his facial expressions need work. Light characters aren’t his thing he looks more suited for serious roles. Of course this is just my opinion of what I’ve seen so far from his dramas I’ve watched. The again panda and hedgehog wasn’t a very good drama either.
– omgs maybe in this drama the model and him can finally end up together!,lol (warning: i may end up hating on this two characters)
Fated to Love You(korean)
– Ok now this whole roller blading on the plastic balls is way over the top, this is even worst and less possible than the whole falling on the bed scene in Love Around and i practiced that one at ikea(lol).
– the screen cap I just took is hilarious,lol
ftly 1-7
– Did he really just point to the dog to get her instead of him?,lol oh wow what a gentleman,lol
– You know what?! I love this drama already! and why? because I love hearing the characters thoughts. It’s so funny how in the middle of running all he’s thinking is why is she so fast?,lol
– Well…that’s one way to rescue a girl from a “vicious” adorable looking dog,lol
– I think I found her ” I can’t fu**ing  believe it” face.
– omgs the lead and his secretary are of the same mental age, i have no doubt whatsoever about it.
– I knew that guy was just flirting to get stuff out of her, if he really liked her you think he would let her pay for everything? A real man when likes a girl shows that he’s able to provide not leech from. Cause i can see it already, that guy is a leecher!,lol

I think it’s safe to say I like this drama already, especially the craziness of the male lead who reminds me a bit of Dok Ko Jin. Well off to gif this drama,lol


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