King of High School Episode 3: Thoughts

I know I haven’t been posting anything lately but here’s a few thoughts on this drama, which i’m truthfully i’m not really liking it…

1) I really don’t get it…is this supposed to be a romantic comedy?
2)The way the male lead treats the female lead sometimes feels like bullying to me. Maybe i’m overreacting or something but the way he orders her around it’s a bit uncomfortable to watch. I sometimes think that maybe he does it because he finds her to be a weird cool noona but then I think it’s because she’s easy to push around. Either way shouldn’t he at least show some kind of respect towards her since after all she is older than him.
3) I really don’t see a future love triangle between the two leads and the other weird guy, since after all he is underage. Unless this is gonna be like flower boy ramyun shop and he’ll go to the army and when he comes back they’ll hook up. Which doesn’t make it less creepy because they did share some kisses and it wasn’t cute or anything for me cause like in this one the male lead was in high school.
4) He should really stop torturing the poor girl, I guess he’s not mature enough to realize that all he is doing is putting her in awkward position in front of the other guy. Or maybe he does and he likes seeing her squirm and if he does then that boy is just evil.
5) It’s good that she finally spoke up and defended herself, because he really need to stop playing her like a toy.

Well I think this maybe the first and only post i’m gonna be doing on this drama, idk but this batch of dramas didn’t capture my attention again. Well maybe trot lovers? or something like that but not sure yet. I recently go addicted to Once Upon a Time so the only drama i’ve been watching has been You’re all Surrounded and even that one is slowly losing my interest. Not even the great Cha Seung Won can save it for me.


One response to “King of High School Episode 3: Thoughts

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