Random drama final thoughts and regular thoughts

It’s been a while since I have updated but here are some random drama final thoughts

– Cunning Single Lady
cunning single lady
I loved this drama and whats better it’s that my mom also did who is new to the whole kdrama scene,so far she’s watched 2 dramas. A few episodes into the drama I knew that the reason they separated was because of lack of communication. Both were so angry at each other they didn’t bother to see how the other was doing until later. It was so cute how their love re-bloomed, you could tell they never really stopped loving each other it was just that they let pride get in the way. Overall I was happy with the drama and the ending but I think this was the first time when I found the second lead to be annoying and obsessive.

– You who came from the stars
This was the first kdrama my mom saw and loved she loved the female character as much as I did. I found this drama to be very cute and funny and another drama where again I didn’t fall for the second lead. I didn’t find it boring at times and it had a nice steady flow plus i enjoyed the bad guy it would have been awesome if he had been an alien too. Overall I really enjoyed this drama and my mom and I would really recommend it,lol

– Wild Romance
wild romance
The title in my opinion is really but really misleading because the amount of romance between these two is about 10% and all in the last 15 minutes or less of the last episode. In fact in my opinion if it’s called wild romance then it’s mostly because of these two;
Them and their wild sexual “fantasies”,lol I think i watched this drama mostly because of them though don’t get me wrong the bickering between LSY and LDW was cute these two were off the charts,lol There were some annoying things about this drama but thankfully i could skip through it. Overall this drama was ok it just needed more romance between the leads since after all the drama’s title was wild romance and they were the leads.


Now back to regular thoughts…

– I’m watching Panda and Hedgehog and why I’m still watching it? I don’t even know myself. The female leads character really gets on my nerves and the dramas plot is weird and confusing. And yet I’m still watching it…i must be crazy.
– I’m liking you’re all surrounded though it’s writing is a bit idk at times, I do hope LSG’s character develops further because his need for revenge is really clouding his judgement. Instead of focusing on his work and on the criminals his main and only focus seems to be only the team leader, but I am enjoying his sherlock references or is it just me that’s getting that. Especially during the club episode where he could he see the prices of what everyone was wearing.
– Doesn’t you’re all surrounded have a bit of reply 1994 vibe, not just because of the lead but because how sometimes she does a voice over when the characters learn something new about themselves kinda gives me that reply series feel. Maybe it’s the same writer? I’m not sure.
– I really loved the start of Empress Ki in fact the day I started i watched 4 episodes in a row and had to stop because it was barely in episode 6. But I feel maybe this drama got a bit dragged? I’m not sure I haven’t read on the history behind her character but I stopped watching after El Temur died and even then i watched it on and off because of work, i watched it mon/tues on tv, cause I had closing shift. But now I have no interest on watching it especially after seeing the new queen just one crazy queen to the next. I really can’t believe the king didn’t fight to make lady ki the queen but in the end the way I see it he just went from being el temur’s puppet to the dowager queen’s puppet. Anyways not sure if I’m going to finish it any time soon.

Well those my final and random thoughts on the dramas I have been watching, I’m actually looking to watch old kdramas like from between 2010-2012. These batch of dramas didn’t really catch my attention so I need something to watch while this batch finishes and the next one starts.


2 responses to “Random drama final thoughts and regular thoughts

  1. I think `Wild romance` is called like that because those two are like cat and dog, always fighting. And while doing that and getting know each other something like love starts to sprout. Looking like this the title is ok. The other couple would fit more weird romance. But I liked that robot like man.
    `Panda and Hedgehog` is still siting on my disc since the day it was aired. Seems to be a drama that needs to be watched in one go or you may have problems to get back to it. At the some point you probably will find something that takes more of your attention and this one gets forgotten until you start to wonder what takes so much of space on your disc…and yet, I still wasn’t ready to finish and remove it. :/

    • Well seeing it that way I guess I can see why it would be wild but it would have been nice to see a bit more of the sweet part of the romance,lol omgs the robot guy was just too cute i just remembered ima look him up to see if he’s in other dramas.
      I have decided to put panda and hedgehog on hold maybe even permanently I really don’t see the point of that drama. I agree though i think this drama is either you watch in one go or one day after another and finish it soon or don’t bother watching it. It’s not one of the best dramas out there that’s for sure.

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