1)So I’ve officially decided not to watch the Korean remake of fated to love you.
2) Found out there’s gonna be a season 2 of Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo.
3) If it’s true then my return to the blogging world is 90% possible.
4) My return to blogging could be sooner since I do have some ideas swirling in my head,lol(in fact maybe just maybe i’ll write something today)
well that’s it for now,lol love you guys ❤


2 responses to “Announcement

  1. To 1 – why? Did you watched the Taiwanese one and didn’t like it or you like it and are afraid it will be spoiled?
    For me the Taiwanese was hard to watched but I have in general problems with them due to their humor.

    • I did watch the Taiwanese one, in fact it was like my third TW one ever, but i’ve realized or more like in my opinion Koreans are not good when it comes to doing remakes. I did not like BOF or playful kiss and wasn’t so much into their To the beautiful You(hana kimi). So because of that I tend to stay away from remakes of other dramas into kdramas.
      I agree though sometimes the humor is tw dramas is bit hard to take, its a different kind of wacky than jdramas.

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