Oh wow it’s been…a while*laughing awkwardly* I’ve just become too lazy lately to write on anything but here are a few updates…

– I dropped The Prime Minister and I, I heard/read somewhere in tumblr that it ends with a handshake I’m not gonna waste my time just for a handshake nope sorry I just wont unless it’s in the middle of a real wedding or something,lol
– I have on hold White Christmas and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
– I’m currently watching Emergency Man and Woman, Empress Ki, Bride of the Century and Lets Eat…I think I’m forgetting one…eh*shrugs*
-*confession time* I’m not really impressed with ER Man and Woman, the flow of the drama seems a bit…I’m not sure a bit bumpy awkward? basically not that smooth. In my opinion Jin Hee should end up with Dr Gook,lol I think she has more chemistry(acting wise) with him than with the male lead. In fact i’m not too crazy over the male lead either he’s like a mama’s boy, after all in my opinion he just married jin hee to go against his mom though he did like her but he wasn’t in love with her.*confession time over…awww*
– I think my lack of writing is because I’ve crossed over to British tv because who has time to write when you could be watching Dr Who or rewatching an episode of Sherlock?,lol

Just be glad I have been writing on that because then I’ll never write on kdramas again and change my blog to DrWhoNmore,lol or something like that. Don’t worry though I will write again soon just waiting for those creative juices to accumulate,lol Well that it don’t have much to report if you never hear from me again…then maybe just maybe…

come with me


*sorry! i just had to,lol*



One response to “Updates

  1. It’s so interesting how everyone is so into Sherlock and Dr. Who and here’s me, a British person who doesn’t like it hahaha

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