White Christmas Episode 2 Thoughts

Well…here we are!*laughing awkwardly*, I know I said I wasn’t gonna watch it…but… I just gotta know what’s gonna happen so here we are,lol

– Why do i find myself watching this on the evening again?…oh right, work,lol

White Christmas Episode 2
– Seriously man i don’t know why but I really have it against this psychology dude. Maybe he’s like the nicest guy in the whole world who wants to help these kids but all I think when I see him it’s that he’s behind whatever is going on.
– This guy even though he acts all tough and everything is actually scared and I can bet he’s next, the guy(psychologist) saw it in his face and saw his weakness so i think he’s next. $5 he’s gonna hang himself or throw himself off the roof just like he said earlier.
White Christmas Episode 2
– I agree someone who hates you is not gonna let it be known, they’re gonna get close to you and then back stab you by using the information they learn while they were close to you.
– I’m so into this episode that I forgot to write thoughts about it,lol
– But the chick…is she the female lead from i’m a cyborg but it’s ok? she looks familiar.
– ahh crap!! it’s gonna be the teacher >< but he’s so cute! then again psychopaths are known to be good looking. Or is he a target as well?
– Well i finally figured out who sings the ending song,lol

ugh i’m so confused yet intrigued at the same time! I can totally see why people love this drama,lol


3 responses to “White Christmas Episode 2 Thoughts

  1. Omg I absolutely loved this drama! There were many cute actors and honestly while I watched it was scared half the time hahahaa : -)

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