Prime Minister and I Episode 5 Thoughts

Time for some prime minister and I!,lol

– They make you think it’s one of his bodyguards that could be the spy(which is a possibility, but i doubt it) but in reality I think his bodyguards are just nosy,lol
– $5 that was her first kiss and he’s going on about how insulted he is about her kiss,lol

Prime Minister and I Episode 5
– He may be as much as insulted as he wants but the fact is he can’t stop thinking about the kiss or the mouth smacking as he calls it,lol
– Wait!…I thought he just got a small cut and not nearly lost his hand…lol
– The spanish man! salud!,lol
– The only reason this guy still hates the minister is because she’s still after him and still loves him, and he knows that she will never look at him the same she sees the minister. So jealousy is just eating him up because he feels it unfair how the minister gets everything he wants and he’s stuck in a loveless relationship with a woman he doesn’t care about.

 Prime Minister and I Episode 5
– Wait why did he save her? she only falling onto the sofa not a cave full of cobras or lions or pumas or something like that,lol
– ooh she should have gotten rid of the contract then again that little kid shouldn’t be touching someone else’s belongings much less using them and giving them away. That kid has to learn some manners, obviously he needs to become closer to his kids and teach them about it.
– Seriously that secretary dude I know he’s up to no good apart from his plan of revenge(cause it’s obviously that) he’s letting his emotions get in the way too. I don’t trust him at all in fact I don’t find his character necessary, even though it may be part of the love triangle i still don’t like him.
– That was jealousy and loss of manhood right there let me explain. Jealousy because she was with someone else in a way that she shouldn’t be. Loss of manhood(i guess you can say it that way) because when she felt troubled she didn’t go to him(even though he was the cause of it). She didn’t lean on him as wife leans on her husband she also expressed her sadness and cried in front of another man. Things she wasn’t able to do in front of him, her husband and that was like a blow to him. Seeing his wife seeking comfort in the arms of another. But it’s not like she did it on purpose she sees the chief guy as a friend it’s just the chief that causes on purpose the misunderstanding.

Prime Minister and I Episode 5

There’s one thing that bugs me about this whole marriage when it’s to his convenience he throws it in her face that it’s all a contract. But when it’s something that can affect him(like her in the arms of the chief) he makes her feel that since she got what she wanted, the wedding, she’s done and that’s it and she’s moved on and he’s the one left taking the responsibility. Which is not true she has tried to become a wife and mother to his kids but he tells her to butt of, she tried to correct an error without trying to worry him and look after him. And all he could think about was how this could affect him if the contract had gotten out in the open. He forgets that she too is giving up things, she gave up her job to be with him, she’s living with him, she’s receives hates by some of his kids and his housekeeper and if she feels bad there’s nowhere for her to turn because they can start questioning her relationship with him. So her only “safe” place is chief kang but all the minister sees is how this affects him and only sees her(for now I guess) as something he needs to look after constantly and whose mistakes he needs to fix.


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