White Christmas Episode 1 Thoughts

I know I shouldn’t add another drama to my now watching list but I’ve been curious for a while about this one so in the end i’ve decided to watch it let’s see if it’s as good as people claim it to be,lol

– First thought on this drama is who the hell leaves a water fountain on when half of the water in it seems obviously frozen, you could see the ice on the statue!
– Someone gets killed right? ima call right now and say the one getting killed is the guy with the camera and the killer…it’s gonna be the chick. Or is it gonna be like 4th period mystery and one by one for each day of the holiday all of them are gonna be killed by the teacher? or someone else?

White Christmas Episode 1
– Well things are getting a bit scary…not for me though, not for me…
– the humming, man! I don’t think i’ll hear silent night the same way…it’s giving the creeps man,lol
– I change my mind the 2nd year student is the killer,lol no it’s that weird man who seems to be having sexual creepy thoughts about the guy on the phone.
– This drama is a bit…heavy? not sure how to describe it either way it’s not my type of drama so I doubt i’ll continue watching it though I am curious whose the one who sent the black letters. I kinda think the lead?, the smart honor role one doing all the investigating could be it he’s connected one way or another to all of them i think and idk it seems like he’s gonna have a double personality or something.
– Gosh this is kinda like watching a young korea version of Criminal Minds( not the criminal intent one).
– Wait who’s the red haired guy? he’s gonna be it! he has cameras installed in the dining era and hears/sees everything so it’s gotta be him…right?
– Ok overall from the first episode I have 3 suspects(to what? idk yet,lol) 1) the psychologist guy, there’s something not right about him. 2) the honor role looking one who’s always second like that one other guy said, I think he has a split personality he’s not aware of(maybe). 3) the red hair guy, cause he’s watching them and they are not even aware of his presence not even the teacher.
– Gosh all this kids are messed up in one way or another ><
– I knew it! it’s the psychologist! there’s just something about that dude man like seriously he plays the evil character so well that even across the screen my warning bells tell me something is not right about him. I think he hypnotized the girl with his pen tapping and that folk song it has to be him.

White Christmas Episode 1

Even though this drama is dark and not my type of drama I wanna know if it’s in fact the psychologist behind everything he’s my number one suspect,lol I was thinking of recapping this drama but it’s too complicated to try,lol at least for amateur like moah ^^


2 responses to “White Christmas Episode 1 Thoughts

  1. this drama is so so so good i really hope you enjoy it! although it really messes with your mind especially at the ending but I hope you really like it! also i think the cast is really good and they match with their parts well. let me know what you think!

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