Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 1

There are two things ima try to do today/tonight 1) watch a drama where I don’t know what the plot is or who is in it or the genre and 2) ima try to recap it,lol let’s see how this goes(since I’m also gonna try screencapping it). We start this drama off with a girl…no a guy,lol sorry, in the middle of what appears to be a snow storm having flashbacks giving the vibe that he has a bad a relationship with his parents. We then jump to a scene of a guy washing dishes while having to hear rude comments about him while having to be sexually harassed by his boss. In the end he loses it and eventually gets fired since after all he ends up punching his boss. We also see a shadow of someone smelling, yes smelling, the apron left behind by him. I kinda thought he was matsumoto jun but I don’t think it is…oh well,lol A recap of who the male leads is shown and I’m gonna come out and say i’m obviously gonna confuse them a lot so I apologize in advance. So we meet the 4 male leads who  live/board together but are given the news that they are possibly gonna get kicked out but have a chance to stay. They are given a chance to stay only if they help the niece of the landlady become more ladylike soon she appears like a ghost and we semi meet her. I say semi meet her because she kinda reminds me of a female version of the dark guy from Ouran High School Host Club who hates lights. Except this one hates boys and loves horror looking things. Things between them don’t start off smoothly  since they’re basically trying to force a makeover on her. YAMATO NADESHIKO SHICHI HENGE EPISODE 1Actually it’s more like one of them who is bent on doing it since if they accomplish to make her more ladylike he will get free rent for a whole year. But he soon gets upset at her because she won’t let him cut her long bangs,which cover her face, even goes out of his way to tell her she has an ugly personality because she won’t let him. Obviously she’s the bad one, who cares if he tied her up in a chair and wants to cut her hair without her permission. Of course all this is done in a comical way since after all this is a comedic jdrama. She manages to escape and we then see the younger kid who is her distant cousin or something telling her that he will protect her, which I find really sweet and cute by the way. The next morning the house is thrown into panic because the female lead ends up getting kidnapped by a possible stalker of one of the guys. So the one after the free rent goes out on a search for her since he really wants that free rent, he travels from one place to the next looking for her and comes across this girl. Who gives him(makes him) take shelter and rest while the little kid sleeps but he soon discovers a box full of photos of him. They fight because of it and soon he’s hit on the head by another girl who turns out to be the female lead. He discovers that in fact she wasn’t kidnapped and that the other girl is his friend and apparently one of the guys in the house knew where she was. He(the other guy) had figured out that if she was last seen in Hokkaido she was ok since after all it is her hometown but since the guy that went after her is impulsive he didn’t say anything thinking he will eventually figure it out and come back. He gets to know the friend better and even realizes she’s getting conned by her boyfriend which she refuses to believe and storms off with the female lead after her.  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 1But soon a snow storm starts and he eventually goes after her when he and the kid bicker over that fact that he should go follow her since it’s something a gentleman should do. Like any jdrama the kid is obviously the real adult here,lol He catches up to her and tries to talk to her about why she is the way she is but with his obviously short temper quickly he starts to push for an answer from her and since he doesn’t get it he decides to see her face. Obviously upsetting her a bit but in the end she goes on to tell him the reason she’s that way is because the guy she confessed to told her she was ugly.To which he replies that if she’s dumb or something to believe something like that, because it’s whats in the inside that matters and not the face. But she doesn’t believe him and tells him how can someone like him understand her to which he replies that he didn’t ask to be born with that face. Makes you think that maybe being good-looking is not that good especially for him that keeps getting sexually harassed and stalked.The drama then jumps to show that the friends boyfriend is in fact a swindler who even though he has a lot money he still cons different women to get their money. So the 4 guys devise a plan to con the con man but it goes wrong when the female lead’s friend  warns him which only ends up getting her kidnapped by her “boyfriend”. Now apart from trying to con him they have to find a way to rescue in the friend. In the end they come up with her having to go in undercover and basically have a makeover done.I had expected the makeover almost halfway into the drama but whatevers,lol So she goes in and at first he doesn’t recognize her but once she starts to run off after saying dazzling he realizes it’s her. But she comes to a dead-end with the other 3 dressed in drag to bring her back, jdramas love putting their male leads in dresses can’t complain either though it’s funny,lol Somehow they all end up getting caught, how? I’m not sure since I thought they were guys. Since they’re all tied up he tries upsetting her so she could break off the ropes since it seems she gets supernatural powers when called ugly. Eventually he upsets her enough that she breaks the rope and starts to seriously kick some ass while the other 3 guys just watch. Wow this show is full of manly men who know how to fight against gangsters or whatever they are. In the end they rescue the friend and the female lead  learns that he too hates being judged because of his face, she gives him a skull to thank him and he gives her some cookies she seemed to like and reminds her that once again she has to become a lady in order for him to get free rent,lol Overall this seems like a good drama I wasn’t sure what to expect but I will for sure continue watching it, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue to recap it well I’ll finish this one but would really like your guys opinion on the writing. I would really like to improve but it can only happen with your feedback, so thanks in advance.


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