Love Around Ep 6: Thoughts

So I’ve been practicing my falling on the bed technique in Ikea and…still no luck, I just don’t know how she does it,lol

– One of the worst things that can happen when you like a friend is when they offer to help you get the person you like, when they are that person. Why? because it just confirms the fact that they only see you as a friend
re-watching from the beginning of this episode because i had dropped this one, so obviously i gave up on the falling on the bed thing a while ago,lol
– Omgs the sister trying to suck up to him to get his “approval” for money,lol His sister and grandma are awesome omgs can’t they make it more obvious they’re up to something.
-This is what happens when we girls over think stuff, we ruin a perfectly good friendship with a guy because we start to over analyze every single move they make. And why? just because someone makes a random comment of how cute he is with you or that he must like you because he does this or that. Just takes that one “small” comment to ruin everything.
*edited- stopped watching this drama sept of last year (><) since i don’t wanna catch up to the currently airing one i’ll watch an episode of this one,lol*

– I had forgotten(a sin i know) how handsome george hu is…damn that smile,lol

Love Around Episode 6
–  Well at least she’s discovering that the guys dad is not such a bad guy as she thought he was. She let herself be led by what she heard but she never really went and investigated by herself if it was the true. She thought she was doing something good for society and talking about his shady deals when she had no real proof it. If she stops and thinks about it she should be glad he didn’t sue her for defamation or something.
– She’s also learning that you should judge someone by their past, he made mistakes but he cleaned himself off and became respectable. Everyone(well almost everyone) deserves a second chance and a chance to prove that they’ve changed but she and along with other people decided to keep their judgements of who he was and continue to attach it to who he is today. Lots of lessons to be learned in this small scene.
– The way she throws in all those snacks…one day ima try it too after a heartbreak though so it could have the same feeling,lol

Love Around Episode 6
– It’s only right her friend/coworker apologizes it was her and the others fault she started to over analyze her friendship with him, if they hadn’t said anything she wouldn’t be this way.
– Ugh the pained look of his face! omg my poor baby!! ><
– wait during the bike scene was that just a power ranger scene? with the fake stunts and the music I can pretty much see it as part of an episode of power rangers,lol wait what was a chihuahua doing in the middle of the…forest? park?
– *confession time!* It took me to watch asian dramas and running man to realize that I never played hopscotch(?) the right way. I just skipped through it back and forth with my friends and we would just take turns. I wish I could go back in time and teach myself how to properly play it,lol

Love Around Episode 6
– Oh gosh! this guy doesn’t have any luck! if it’s his note and she’s reading it then obviously it was meant for her as a confession since after all weren’t they confessions of something they did or wanted to say? gosh this girl is so clueless.
– omgee he finally told her!!! but her face? it was like “oh crap” but not in a good way ><


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