Prime Minister and I Episode 4 Thoughts

Cause why not? let’s watch episode 4,lol

– For being a secretary or PA she’s a bit too nosy no? I get she’s like his right hand man but does she really need to know why he makes every single decision he makes? doesn’t he deserve a bit of privacy on the decisions on his personal life? She being a bit too clingy no?

Prime Minister and I Episode 4
– In his mind she’s after him and in her mind he’s after her,lol Both of them have naughty minds,lol
– All of sudden I got a bad feeling about that contract, if the ex-brother in law finds it then they are royally screwed,lol (obviously its gonna be found out, if it doesn’t then thats gonna be the plot twist in this drama)
– Take that second male lead! now go and apologize cause in my opinion you were the bigger jerk.
– Damn secretary it’s her wedding she should at least chose her own dress, the PM has already been married once but this is her first marriage and maybe only marriage. So she should at least get the choice of choose her own freaking dress ><
– If I were her I would have left him glue his hands together so he could learn his children are not the perfect angels he thinks they are. If she covers for them it’s only going to keep getting worse for her.
– my gosh that instrumental that plays every time minister park(?) and secretary seo talk is freaking annoying. It’s like an alarm went off over and over again just when I was about to fall asleep.
– How sad! she’s getting married to make her dad happy but he can’t even recognize her as his daughter and thinks she’s his wife. Ugh right into the feels man! ><

Prime Minister and I Episode 4
– It’s sad…to be getting married and not be able to walk down the aisle with her dad. If I was her I don’t think I would be able to get married traditionally in a church or something. Gosh this wedding scene is very touching even though it’s not a love marriage but he still respects and looks after her. Really sweet, either that or i’m just a sucker for wedding,lol
– That kiss! so not romantic,lol

Prime minister better step up his game or a younger guy is gonna take her away though I kinda doubt it,lol


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