Prime Minister and I Episode 3 Thoughts

Episode 3 time! woot woo!

– This training his kids give me a sound of music vibe but without the music and about 4 kids less,lol
– I should really learn not to eat when watching dramas especially during drunk scenes because there is obviously gonna be THAT scene…lol

Prime Minister and I Episode 3
– Gosh these two suck at playing hide and seek,lol or that old ajhumma sucks at finding people cause you could clearly see them “hiding” behind the table.
– aww that poor little kid just wants to motherly type of affection ><
– When she’s imagining him asking why was she in his bedroom, is that like the godfather music?
– ooh is there something between his ex brother in law and the secretary? wait…have I mentioned this before?…can’t remember,lol
– ok getting your hair pulled does hurt but not enough to be screaming and jumping and moving around like that is not gonna help the situation at all.
– His bodyguards have really dirty minds,lol

Prime Minister and I Episode 3
– Dude(minister park) your just jealous that for all that time she looked at your ex brother in law instead of you.
– ugh this video is missing subs now I don’t know what the b*****s at the table said =/
– Damn I don’t think i’ve seen a drama where the female lead gets misunderstood by both the male lead and the second male lead at the same time.
– If he marries her it’s because obviously he’s doing it for his son since he seems to see her in a maternal way.
– ooh how i loved when he rubbed it in their faces that he was gonna marry her. ugh let me go repeat that moment,lol and the 1000 more cabbages that guy is an evil genious! and I love him for that.

Prime Minister and I Episode 4 preview

I think is the first time i’m super against the second male lead, I feel he’s just gonna get in the way of the lead couple. Even though he does have thick lips…I find his eyes and his face weird. Though he does have puppy dog eyes it’s actually working against him for me. I know a lot of people love him because of his role of enrique in FBND and maybe he’s an amazing actor and this drama is putting a glass ceiling on his acting but I just don’t like him. I just don’t see him as second lead material and the other third of this love triangle. But oh well what I can do the drama is 11 or something episodes in and will be too late to change him.


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