Prime Minister and I Episode 2 Thoughts

Time for episode 2! ^^

– Ooh here’s misunderstanding number 2! Stage 1 of a kdrama love line- misunderstandings, but can’t wait for stage 2 when then jealousy part starts…if it starts. Not all dramas nowadays follow the 3 stages,lol well my 3 stages.
The Prime Minister and I Episode 2
– Then again he never did properly apologize for what he say and did to her so of course now that she has the chance she(subconsciously) is doing the same thing.
– Aww what a gentleman! even though she misunderstood and insulted him he prefers to decline his nomination than ruin her reputation…wow!,lol
– Dude(2nd male lead) stop pouting so much I tried and tried getting a nice screen cap of you but you still come out pouting with those thick lips of yours,lol
– It’s hard to be a good guy you can try all you want but sometimes you’re pushed so much into a corner you can’t escape from and and are forced to go against your will. He wanted to do everything the right way and not use people for his own gain and be a good politician but in the end he’s backed into a corner and forced into a fake relationship to keep his nomination.
–  Oh wow love her imagination she should write short stories or something,lol
– omgs i tried screen capping the kiss and all I got was this…lol
The Prime Minister and I Episode 2

– oh gosh the hotel scene by far my favorite moment in the drama so far better than her imaginations,lol
– Damn his ex-brother in law sucks man! using his own nephews and niece against their dad? that’s just horrible! ><

Well this episode was fun,lol


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