Prime Minister and I Episode 1 Thoughts

New year new dramas! and we are gonna start this one with the Prime Minister and I. The only reason i’m watching this one is because of Lee Beom Soo and not because of yoona or that one other guys from FBND,lol(gosh i may get a lot of hate for this,lol)

– Coming into this drama with no expectations whatsoever, I don’t even know what the plot of the drama is,lol
– Maybe they should have chosen an actress older than yoona and younger than him cause 23/44? the age difference is a bit big…but lets see how this works out.
– Aww the cute guy from a thousand kisses is gonna be the bad guy in this one…well that sucks.
The Prime Minister and I Episode 1
– how dumb can she be? does she seriously think he’s gonna give her an interview? obviously he’s gonna drop her off somewhere far and leave her stranded and with a possible ticket waiting for her.
– Oh wow this was better than I expected(lol) took her straight to jail,lol…a stalker? oh gosh this man is an evil genious.
– Ima call it right here and right now on January 3rd of 2014 at 6:54pm that guy and that chick(the secretary?) are gonna backstab him.
Note to self gif the gorilla like son moment,lol
The Prime Minister and I Episode 1
– oh kdrama gods! this guy just killed me with his Spanish,lol so desu ne!,lol no but seriously I don’t trust this dude even with his amazing Spanish skills.
– oooh the first stage of a kdrama love line has appeared! the misunderstand well the first of many but this is the one that starts it off,lol
– I hope he’s man enough later to admit to her he was wrong and apologize for grabbing her hard, push her against a pole and insult her. Though I don’t think I see it happening soon or at all he looks a bit prideful(his character).
The Prime Minister and I Episode 1
– *wild theory coming* ahh so the reason his secretary backstabs him in the future is cause he never really saw her as a woman and appreciated her after working for so long for him. Giving him everything while he married some other woman a long time ago and in the near future the reporter. He prefers marrying a stranger than her who he knows well so she gets mad and bam! stabs him in the back. *end of wild theory*
The Prime Minister and I Episode 1
– The look on her face when he answers says everything, she’s disappointed that he only and always will look at her as a hoobae.* i’ve gone crazy…I apologize my dear readers, I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me and keep on reading my posts*
– oooh she’s making him realize that he doesn’t even know his own kids…that’s gotta hurt.
– I knew it!!

Well…obviously ima continue watching this drama,lol I think ima love the leads love(?)/hate relationship. I really want to see the ministers  background and his relationship with his ex brother in law. Basically apart from the love line I wanna see it cause of the power struggle,lol


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