The Master’s Sun Final Episode Thoughts

Well I gotta end this year right so why not end it with the final episode of The Master’s Sun? here’s to the end of one year of dramas to start a new one with h opefully good dramas.
– Ugh! I don’t want it to end!
– what? she can’t see ghosts anymore? why do I find it a bit sad? ><
– well the video i downloaded is no good gonna have to finish it on viki so no gifs for this episode ><

The Master's Sun Episode 17
– the freaked out look on the taxi’s face, he’s like “oh shit ima die tonight”,lol
– oh gosh when she gets taken over by a cat,lol and hisses at him even giving him the eyes XD
– well she revealed her whole plan of coming back normal and rich and then seduce him, now he’s gonna act like’s he’s gonna be hard to get,lol
– I love how jon woon’s aunts husband,lol is team gonshil(sorry still lingering over the team chilbong thing,lol). He really seems to ship jon woon and gong shil,lol
– aww kang woo and little sun ended up together,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 17
– omgs loved when the aunt told her husband she was pregnant, in the start I thought maybe he had married her for the money and maybe in a way. But little by little you can tell he really loves her and this scene is just too sweet ❤
– I don’t care what you guys may say but obviously secretary kim is the captain of our ship.
– The scene where he’s waiting for the phone to ring 5 times before answering reminds me of that pic set of Goo Jun Pyo who knows how many hrs minutes and secs have passed since she last called him,lol Trying to act all cool and everything when obviously he’s not.
– Aww such a sweet proposal ❤
– So steve jobs has an apple allergy?,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 17

Well I finally finished The Master’s Sun I tried my best not to,lol but here we are. The ending part was a bit draggy but it was cute and funny I really wished we could have seen into the future such as her sister getting married and the birth of the baby but oh well we don’t get everything we ask for,lol Overall this drama is one of my favorites now and now to start(most likely on friday) the prime minister and I and You who came from the stars.


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