The Master’s Sun Episode 16 Thoughts

Well after this just one more episode ><

– It took a while to watch this episode cause the video I had wasn’t good, it somehow managed to stop working a minute in. Such a torture cause I wanted to watch and then had to look for it, download a good copy of it and then add the subs and stuff but anyways i’ve managed to get a good copy so let’s do this!,lol

– awww both suns are leaving their moons behind,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 16
– omgee little sun’s acting is soo over the top that even lee chun hee’s character knew she was acting,lol and the hug between him and secretary kim just cute!,lol
– I don’t like that guy’s interference, I don’t get what’s going on! can someone explain please?
I stopped at continue watching this episode at different days,lol so if it sounds weird now you know why.
– Since it’s been so long from one episode to the next I think I lost the flow and feel of the drama so it’s pretty obvious why i’m lost and it sucks cause this drama is really good but anyways let’s finish this episode tonight.
– From what I get of this I think(crazy random thought) is that gong shil basically wants to find herself and be able to stand on her own two feet without the need of a “shelter.” It’s not that she’s running or pushing him away but…how do I explain it…she wants to move on? as in be self reliant and not always hide from her fears? Basically be independent and not run to him every time she’s scared or doesn’t want to face a problem. With him she could just touch him and the ghost will disappear and how the saying goes ‘out of sight out of mind’. So in the end she’s just building up her character in order to face her fears head on without the need of the shelter and possibly be with him because of what he is which is a man and not as a shelter to hide in.(whoa that was a long one,lol)

MS 16-10
– I wonder why exactly is the aunt so against Gong Shil? from the moment she saw her she immediately discarded her and put her down. Even when gong shil tells her it’s not what she’s thinking the aunt twists her words and gives them another meaning. For someone who seems so smart she should stop, step back and analyze the situation her nephew is finally moving on and loves someone and she’s basically trying to…block him,lol
– omgeee I knew it! I just knew the sister and that one other security guy were gonna end up together(well at least fall in love, they’re not together…yet).  I love how she told him his excuses were short(the kiss) and he replied then should I make them longer? omgee I almost died with that line,lol
–  He finally understood why she’s leaving(according to why I think she’s leaving,lol) and is willing to let her go. Now that is love! if it’s meant to be it will happen.

Gosh this episode was good but omgee the last episode is next…ugh!(ugh in a good way).


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