Short Random Thoughts: Pretty Man

So today at lunch I decided to watch pretty man and i’m still not sure if I did a mistake or not in starting it,lol why because I kept laughing and i’m pretty sure my coworkers now think i’m weird,lol well here are some of my thoughts on part of episode 1 was only able to watch like 2o something minutes,

– I’m sorry to all Jang Geun-suk’s fans but I don’t think he fits the role of pretty man or pretty boy, I just don’t find him attractive or cute or hot or anything. I truly wished they had picked someone else but oh well he’s the lead so no going back.

– I’m sorry but I truly had naughty thoughts during the butcher or whatever he was scene, i wished she had let him continue unbuttoning his shirt but she found it too “erotic”,lol and unfortunately cut it short.

– The air blowing scenes with Ma Te are just hilarious,lol I wonder how he feels every time he has to film those scenes. I would love to see the behind the scenes of it I think I can bet they’ll be really funny.

– He’s basically a gigolo acted offended when the chick offered to buy him a car but easily gave in at the mention of a house ><

– What kind of vegetarian eats a whole plate of ribs by himself?,lol if that’s vegetarian that what does that make me?

– I really thought he would get into an accident while chasing the girl instead of talking to his mom but at the same time I thought his mom was gonna die in that moment too. But in the end just like I was starting to suspect his mom has cancer.

– I think ima enjoy watching chase that one other chick who told him not to be full of himself, finally a girl that doesn’t find him attractive,lol

 well I only watched till the cafe part, can’t wait to watch the next 30 minutes of it at lunch tomorrow =) I need to get me some earphones.

(cre:jinwow01)(had to post it,lol wished it were gifs though)



omgs I hadn’t noticed the chest hair! ewww!!!,ol


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