Movie Review of the Week #34

I think I should switch to the title to movie review of the month,lol then again it’s been about two months since my last one. I blame tumblr  now I spent all my time over there,lol Anyways let’s get this show on the road,lol

This week’s movie review is…

Ghost Sweepers

Plot:The top shamans gather in a village for an exorcism against a notorious evil spirt. News reporter Chan-Young (Gang Ye Won) is sent to cover the story. When the exorcism begins the evil spirt launches repeated attacks and most of the shamans decide to go back home. Only the five best shamans and news reporter Chan-Young remain. With talented shaman Suk-Hyun (Lee Je Hoon) leading the way, the six remaining people investigate further about the dark secrets in the village and prepare for an epic battle.

I came across this movie by accident a while ago while trying to look for some other one and since I had nothing to I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did I loved it so much I even downloaded it,lol It was mostly faced paced but there were moments that I didn’t find necessary and as the romantic I am I kinda wished they hinted more strongly at dr parks and the reporters romance. If there was even romance at all, I just tend to ship randomly,lol The story line was good, the actors were awesome and it had the right amount of comedy in it. It didn’t feel too long or anything overall this was a great movie and I would totally recommend it. My rating a 4/5.

GS 1 GS 2 GS 3

My favorite part of the movie, basically he gets caught wiping himself,lol

Sorry this review is so short,lol


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