Master’s Sun Episode 15 Thoughts

I’ve been trying to keep away from finishing this drama cause I don’t want it to end, but I can’t be off it for too long(it’s like a drug,lol) so here I am…about to watch ep 15 while watching Sister Act at the same time(hey! it’s whoopi goldgberg! i’m sure you understand,lol)

– Ugh this break up scene is horrible but omg how can the writers do this to me? go from a sad moment to him doing something cute and act like he’s in pain. Can I sue for emotional distress?,lol
– omgs someone is pretty confident of themselves,lol

Master's Sun Episode 15
– Damn she’s really hurting the man’s pride first by telling him she finds him unattractive, second she tells him that she no longer needs him as a shelter and then thirdly by ignoring and dismissing him “easily”.
– omg!!! lee chun hee!! and he see’s ghosts!!! wait is this the twist? her long lost love? omg!!! lee chun hee did what she did for jong woon?!!!!(ok maybe I went a tiny bit overboard,lol)
– omg the break up between him and secretary kim is even worst that him and taeyang.
– I hate that chick Hee Joo why does she have to act like she’s Han Na? what does she gain from it?

Master's Sun Episode 15
– Poor girl it really sucks when you’re in a one sided love but especially even more when the one you like likes someone else and someone you consider your nemesis.
– yay!! she’s finally out of the drama!! and I don’t feel a bit sorry for her.
– But my gosh that farewell ><

Sorry I didn’t post much but I was a bit distracted by Sister Act,lol but I will do better next time,lol


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