The Master’s Sun Episode 14 Thoughts

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I’m lagging so much on watching the master’s sun is cause I don’t want to finish it. That’s why I marathoned In Time With You but now that I’m stuck in episode 11 because of Da Ren I’ll eventually have to see MS or just watch brain…sounds like a good idea,lol

– Trying to remember where we left off last…oh right! he went to look for her cause they told him he was her someone special.(3 more episodes to go ><)
– Even when he doesn’t remember her, he still gets the feeling that somehow she was the center of everything. It’s kinda cute and romantic at the same time,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 14

– Damn didn’t know beer could give so many feels without being drunk.
– It seems even the ghosts are worried about her, how cute.
– Ugh that old witch! i knew she wasn’t good news now she’s just gonna exploit her.
The Master's Sun Episode 14
– Even with amnesia he still gets jealous,lol
– This is like a break through for him because it makes you start to think, “why would I put my life in danger for someone else? why would I be willing to die in their place?” Why? because you love that person! duh!,lol
– Is that lee chun hee? omgee!! he sees ghosts too!!
– Why can’t they stop replaying that scene?! it kills me every time they do.  Gosh I wanna cry right now! these writers are really mean ><
– Biatch(sorry for my language) of course he wasn’t looking at you and you freaking knew it. You thought you could confuse him but gladly our male lead is smart,lol Everyone was mistaking his curiosity as a love interest but it was just the memory of the necklace that kept pulling at him, that was all,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 14

My gosh that was…a good episode! I’m glad he finally recovered his memory but what’s gonna happen now with Lee Chun Hee(?)? Should I watch the next episode?,lol


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