The Master’s Sun: Episode 13 Thoughts

Because I can’t help myself ima watch 2 episodes tonight,lol

– but my gosh that ending for episode 12, if i were the type of watcher who watches as it comes out it would have been horrible >< just watching that last minute all over again hurts. Note to self make a gif of that last scene.
– Please kdrama gods please don’t give him amnesia! please!!

The Master's Sun Episode 13
– Damn it! why is it always freaking amnesia? ugh! im going crazy right now! I think that witch is just taking advantage of the situation to use her.
– ugh i’m really gonna cry, this episode is too much!
– But at least he can read again, i thought the story of the wolf and the lamb would get a reaction out of him. But i guess the fact that he can read again was more of an impression on him.

The Master's Sun Episode 13
– Even with all the bad things going on i’m glad they still add a bit of comedy especially with the subtle way secretary kim brings around the subject of tae yang.
– The way secretary kim reacted to the news of the twin and of them being accomplices is a bit weird…is he gonna be a twist? I hope not ><  omgs they are his nieces!!!
– Wait so secretary kim knew they were twins but hid them from each other? but somehow they were able to find each other? or the evil one knowing she had a rich boyfriend kidnapped them both? ugh i’m so freaking confused.
– How to know when a guy likes you? when he remembers your conversations. Little sun hang in there you’re closer to being with him now.

The Master's Sun Episode 13
– I just love this girl her imagination is awesome! ❤ grow as big as a dinosaur,lol and Celine Dion’s song in the background is just daebak!! am I the only one who want to burst out singing “cause you’re my lady! and you are my man!”,jaja
– Omgee the song that was in scent of a woman!!! oh gosh just remembering that scene from ep 8. Is there gonna a tango scene?…of course not ima just end up crying.
– Omg! the B****!!! where the fudge did she get a similar necklace so fast? and why? ugh!!!

Not sure what to think of this episode, i’m not to happy with the whole selective amnesia thing. But it’s kind of cute the way his body seems to remember things on it’s own and the feeling he gets that he is missing something. But hate the fact that the twin seems to be taking advantage of the fact of his amnesia to get close to him. I just want to know why?


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