The Master’s Sun Ep 12: Thoughts

I don’t know why but it feels so weird to be watching on a new laptop, cause it’s so different but somehow at the same time feels exciting,lol idk maybe i’m just weird like that either way on to ep 12!!(sorry for skipping ep 11)

– omgee!! how could i have forgotten that kiss!!!! that kisss!!!!! ahh!!!
–  Like seriously secretary kim should be the captain of our ship,lol

the Master's Sun Episode 12
–  Seriously dude? since you can’t read it your bribing two little kids?,lol the way guys see romance in kdramas confuses me sometimes, but not as much as the fact that I find it cute too,lol
– I know she’s trying to keep her distance in order to not get hurt in the future but isn’t she already in pain because of it? Why not just enjoy the time she has with him? sooner or later whatever happens its gonna happen and she’s gonna feel pain either way. It’s better to walk away in pain with nice memories than to walk away with pain and not have take nothing good from it.

the Master's Sun Episode 12
– omgee them singing is soo cute!,lol they even tell him that it’s enough when he keeps singing,lol
– i hope the security guy and the unnie end up together,lol they really match very well.
– I feel sorry or idk what towards little sun(cause i can’t remember her name) even though kang woo rejected her she’s still trying to bargain herself to him. To see if maybe just maybe he will accept her, and slowly he is cause he’ now wondering and worrying about her. So hopefully it happens soon for her ^^
– Is the story of the wolf and the lamb real? cause i looked it up and all i got was a story with a moral, unless it’s that one and she’s just changing it…ugh i’m confused now,lol
– I should have known that comment the twin made was gonna be some reference to the ending of this episode ><
– omgs! omgs! omgs! the story i read didn’t end like this!! what the heck! what book are the even reading? which one did i read?…omgee so many feels!!!!!

the Master's Sun Episode 12

I don’t know how to feel right now, I feel like crying I feel upset damn it! so many emotions >< Is it ok to cry?


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