The Master’s Sun Ep 10 Thoughts

omgs I can’t believe I forgot what episode I was in,lol was about to watch ep 11 right now, imagine skipping a whole episode. Especially after the way ep 9 ended! anyways i’m ready to watch this episode. Got my bowl of popcorn, my soda and some chocolate on the side just in case(cause i don’t have ice cream ><)
– Haven’t even started and I wanna cry again already ><
The Masters Sun Episode 10
– my gosh dude! just take a shotgun and aim straight to her heart no?!  he’s just freaking scared of what he’s feeling.
– I guess the theme of today’s episode is destroying someone’s heart, first joo won(?) breaks tae gong shil’s and now she breaks kang woo’s by telling him she likes the CEO. Then they break our heart by seeing their hearts breaks, this is a vicious cycle I tell you.
– gosh that was painful to watch, doesn’t he realize that by telling her he figured out her feeling he’s hurting her? or is he doing it on purpose to push her away? cause in the end he’s the one who got hurt when she told him that the secret in fact was that she hated him, which obviously is a lie, that she liked kang woo.
– I love how the ceo’s aunts husband…?…is like on their side,lol he’s like “bang shil…fighting!” ” CEO Joo…fighting!”
The Masters Sun Ep 10
– Secretary kim saranghae!! I feel I could relate to his character cause like me he basically ships the leads as well,lol
– damn the girl is marking her territory,lol oh gosh these are so cute together!
–  Girl it’s not that your burdensome it’s just that he’s not man enough(yet) to handle what he’s feeling, so instead he basically making it seems like it’s your fault when the problem lies with him.
– Now that has to be the creepiest ghost ever! watching her sleep and stuff this is not twilight,lol
– We should name Secretary Kim captain of our ship,lol

The Masters Sun Ep 10
I’m not sure what to make of this episode and that ending, I feel in a way it’s a bit selfish in his part cause if either end up hurt he wants her to take full responsibility of it or something. I’m having a hard time processing what just happened. He wants her to be a candy girl because a candy girl is easy to get rid of? but since she isn’t a candy girl then he’s afraid that maybe she’s like future ms ceo? i’m not sure, can anyone explain it to me? please? ❤


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