The Master’s Sun Ep 9:Thoughts

Time to see episode 9 =)

– That person she must protect must be that twin everyone was posting about weeks ago,lol
– So basically both the father and son play push and pull with each other…interesting,lol
The Master's Sun Episode 9
– omgs I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing at the cat’s expression in the photo with the lady. Poor cat looks likes he’s really afraid,lol
– omg!! super adorable the way he’s talking to the ghost’s telling them to go away and let her sleep! ><
– Poor kang woo now every little thing shares him,lol but that’s what you get for breaking her heart.
The Master's Sun Episode 9
– I’m really feeling for tae ryong(?) right now she basically just gave love advice to the guy she likes. Not knowing/realizing he’s talking about tae gong. I think this is the first time I really like and not hate the second female lead.
– He tells her to pull herself away from the pianist and she’s like nooo,lol
– woah dude calm your jealousies down,jaja
– omgs he’s talking to the trash can!,lol and he’s still in denial about his feelings?!
– OMGEEEE!!!  they kissed!!! ugh gotta calm down since technically he’s kissing the ghost…but still!! omgeee!!!

The Master's Sun Episode 9

Ima admit it right now, I’m crying I really am and I feel like I’m tae gong shil,lol damn this drama is really getting to me…

p.s sorry I didn’t write much but i really got into this episode,lol


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