Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi Quick Thoughts

Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi

Some nights ago I couldn’t sleep very well and I had a lot of time to think,lol mostly about kdramas of course and since I had just finished watching idk what episode of Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi I had lots of thoughts(more like mini rants) on it and thought I should share.

1) The costumes,at least the queen’s hanbok, are horrible and looks like they were made of some cheap material. In fact if I didn’t know any better I would say it was made from that fake plastic/nylon looking material. Even hwalyoung(?) dresses better than the queen and the material of the dress looks better too.
2) Prince Imhae(kwangsoo’s character) is very lazy, he wants everything to fall easily into his hands. He loves to drink,  have fun and makes others do the work that he has to do. So in the end he could come and swoop in to take the credit. When things don’t work out he somehow manages to push the blame on to others as well. He see’s himself as smart and cunning but in reality he’s foolish and easily manipulated, especially when he thinks he’s getting something out of it to his advantage.
3) The king doesn’t deserve to be king, because 1) he let’s his emotions get the best of him, 2) he only listens to what others say 3) because he listens to those around him he can’t form his own opinion 4) he doesn’t investigate to find the truth, if they tell him the tree is red he”’ declare it red because that ‘s what the people say.
4) One perfect example of why he doesn’t deserve to be king is when imhae loses the belt given to Gwanghae when he poses as Gwanghae. The king doesn’t investigate what actually happened instead he hears from his subjects that Gwanghae was basically in a not suitable place for a prince, which upsets the king and strips Gwanghae of his rank of something dealing with the kiln(lol). If he had investigated on his own he would have known that it wasn’t possible for him to have been there since at the time he was at that place(not suitable for a prince) he was actually in a meeting with the artisans of the kiln. So how in the world could he be in two places at the same time? But no the king didn’t stop to investigate and just let himself be led by what the people say.
5) Now in the current episode where both prince imhae and gwanghae and being framed for plotting to “bribe” the Chinese envoy for the title of crown prince. But again instead of investigating he only listens to the rumors and what is told to him. He acts mighty and wise but he isn’t instead he’s more of a pawn of the queen who is pulling all the strings to get her son the title of crown prince.

Even though I find this drama to have a lot of holes, I still find myself watching it but I guess its mostly cause of Moon Geun Young,lol


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