Master’s Sun Ep 8: Thoughts

Omgeee i’m so excited for episode 8!! ><

– why? oppa why?!! tell her it affects you as a man! not as an invasion of personal space!,lol
– He’s gonna regret it, actually I think he already does, telling her to be more cautious of the way she touches him. Now he’s gonna miss that and is gonna worry if she does the same or does it to kang woo.

The Master's Sun ep 8
– omgs he wants kang woo to see and he wants him to misunderstand, tell him you’re just close friends? yea right, all he want to do is stake his claim in from of kang woo. In other words he silently/subtly wants to tell the other guy to back off. He doesn’t admit it right now or yet but subconsciously that’s what he’s doing.
– tofu and wine??,lol I thought it was rice cakes that you ate after getting release from jail.

The Master's Sun ep 8
– I feel like kang woo is breaking up with me or something, poor tae gong shil a guy finally liked her for who she was and to be told it was just a lie. It’s sad and now I feel like crying  ='(
– Is it weird that I really wanna see the water ghost? why cant we see her face??
– Poor girl she doesn’t even think what’s in store for her,lol omgs i wanna save her! this is worst than watching Ariel Lin’s imagination of her the guy in ISWAK in the shower,lol
– ugh that’s two blows to her ego, i’m officially gonna cry now brb…
– this episode is mean how can they make me cry and then have me laugh? my parents think i’m crazy now.
– poor girl get’s rejected too, i think this is the first time I love a villain so much in a good way.
– If I was the lady I wouldn’t want to go back either, a drunk husband, a horrible mother-in-law and rebellious daughter. I rather live a luxurious life as a ghost than live that way,lol

The Master's Sun ep 8
– omgee she looks so pretty in that dress ^^
– Kang Woo got caught!

All I got from this episode is that I offically ship kang woo and little sun,lol this episode made me very sad and idk why =/


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