Master’s Sun Ep 7: Thoughts

Even though I’m still sick i don’t wanna fall that behind on the Master’s Sun so let’s do this! =)

– I really think this is gonna be a one-sided love kinda drama, cause I think tae gong shil like the security guy more and since it’s already ep 7 and no indication on her part about her feeling towards the lead…I expect a sad and heartbreaking end ><
-Bull!! he’s just drawing a line cause he’s scared of where his thoughts are going about her. Not that it’s too dangerous but he knows something up and of course he won’t give her ride. Why would you take the girl you like to the place where she has a date with another guy.
– Can I say how much I love secretary kim as their cupid?! I don’t see how talking of her date is relevant but somehow that man did,lol and why does he keep pinching his nose?…
– Omgee it’s like he’s daring him to go interrupt her date,lol ” Here you are taking a calming medication, but she’s out having fun on her date.” High five for mr kim!
– I guess ima make a gif out of it,lol

MS 7-1-1

– Someone is a bit too happy that she didn’t get to go to see the musical and that it wasn’t romantic as he was imagining,lol but like seriously i think this drama is gonna end sadly for him.

The Master's Sun ep 7
– I think that doll is just sucking the life of the kids, or like their life spirit or something she should break and burn that doll ><
– It’s funny how she butters him up with compliments but when he asks what about sweet kang she’s like oh i wouldn’t want to scare him or put in him in danger. In other words telling him she cares more about the well being of the other guy than him, that does things for her he doesn’t like. It’s like a major hit to the guys poor ego,lol

The Master's Sun ep 7
– Girl you’re giving yourself away, you basically just told him you do have a crush on him,lol
– oh hell no!! give me a metal pipe! i’m going after that freaking woman! ugh!!! first they kill a  dog for no reason and now child abuse?? like really? ugh! *breath jenny breath!*
– I would gladly go to jail for kidnapping and trespassing if it means saving a kids life from that kind of life. No child deserves to be mistreated in any way, actually no one deserves that just to imagine one own mom/dad doing that breaks my heart. Especially because the child believes it their fault and they deserve it even though it’s not true.
– Gosh this episode is really breaking my heart =(
– omgeee!! why kang woo?! why?!!!!!! ><

The Master's Sun ep 7

OMGeeee!!! so many feels!! do you really see me only as a marble statue? omgeee i almost died >


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