The Master’s Sun Ep 6: Thoughts

Well on to ep 6!

The Master's Sun Episode 6
– omgee “even if you tell me you got abducted by aliens, I wont care” somehow whenever the talk of alien abductions comes up I can’t stop thinking of the x-files,lol anyways…omgee I couldn’t stop laughing and then his face,lol and then there’s the ghost clapping around them and then the aliens,jajaja
– He’s seriously jealous right? or else why does it feel like he’s throwing a tantrum or something like that?,lol he even goes as far to give her advice, though it’s good, his tone is bit weird,lol
– I really don’t wanna spoil this drama for those who are barely watching it like me…but omgee i just loved how even though it’s really hard to tell the way his facial expressions change. For example when she tells him that kang woo hates ghost you can see a tiny like smirk come up and then when she tells him in order to be helpful to kang woo she has to find the dog. All of sudden that smirk turns into a frown of sorts, like if he was happy over the fact that maybe kang woo is not gonna be able to like her cause of that. But then gets annoyed with the fact that she appears to be ok with that,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 6
– $5 the actress/model is gonna end up liking kang woo, how could she not? even though he treats her a bit harsh he’s also very caring over her and that would confuse any girl. Plus it’s like the basics of a drama the guy is a jerk to the female lead and yet always helps her,lol
– I seriously think I only watch this drama for their interactions sometimes I even forget what the episode is even about or the whole plot of the drama cause they are soo cute together,lol
– Doesn’t he feel any kind of guilt towards tae gong shil? he knows he’s leading her on and yet he still does it. I really wanna know what pushing him to do it. Cause obviously my crazy theory on him and the male lead being half brothers is totally wrong,lol
– Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that burst out singing ” I want nobody,nobody but you!” when the song came out,lol
– Oh gotta say I finally realized(i think) why he cant read. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to read but that he can’t see!! thank you! thank you! *bows* He obviously needs glasses or either it was the traumatic event of his kidnapping,lol

The Master's Sun Episode 6
– Ugh! I don’t get it?! why kill the dog? and why make him kill it??? it’s not like he bit anyone, i bet you it was that other soldier. He didn’t like it that he wasn’t able to ‘discipline’ the guy the way he wanted to so he took it out on the dog ><
– I know it’s not supposed to be a funny moment the conversation between him and the soldier but I find it funny how he seems to remember everything she described of the dog and is telling him like if he were seeing it,lol
– I don’t like that doll it looks freaky, I hate dolls!

First of all omgee those last 2-3 minutes! First kang woo gets busted and now a possible kiss?!! But in the preview he pushes her away but I think I can safely say that it’s because he’s afraid of his feelings for her since after all he was betrayed by his first love.

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